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The company was developed by Donald C. Ricci from Providence Rhode Island U.S.A. The purpose of the company is to produce and market educational / fun products and concepts for the market place and to help promote safety programs and safety concepts for children which are so badly needed in today's dangerous plagued society.

The company of Above and Beyond Concepts marketing and sales is also the exclusive licensors and promoters for the Capt. Keyo world wide (non profit) Safety Club and Puppet Theater for Children. We at the company are in hopes that any assistance you may provide in helping us to market our products successfully to you the general public will help us to provide more safety, fun and games for the children and adult market which shall be greatly appreciated.

Volume discount buying prices available upon written request.

Free Shipping with orders exceeding 500 Games.

STRIKE Card Game
Welcome to the Casino™
The all new Strike card game is fun to play and will provide hours of fun for the whole family to enjoy, while teasing the mind and strategy of their card playing opponents. The Strike card game consists of 52 unique designed playing cards. Each player has to match his/her playing cards in sequence, ace through 6 in the same suite with or without the same suite hot (wild) card to win the hand. When a player has acquired his/her sequence cards he/she must call aloud the word Strike, the striking player will then show all other players his/her cards and will then receive points from all other players non Strike cards the only points the winner of that hand can not get is all players cards that are called Saves.

2-7 Players

MSRP: $9.00
Wholesale: $4.50 each
Minimum Order: 1 Dozen
Will you break the Casino or will the Casino break you! Welcome to the Casino is a fun game of players challenging their skills, strategy and luck against the casino plus much, much more.

2-6 Players
Capt. Keyo's School Daze
Big-Deal Auto-Dealership
The Capt. Keyo School Bus Safety Game is fun to play while teaching children safety in and around a School Bus. The object of the game is for the player to leave their home and arrive at their school safely.

2-5 Players
Move over Monopoly! You've been in the driver's seat long enough! Now you have to take a back seat to the Big-Deal Auto-Dealership board game. Big-Deal is a fun game of players buying/selling and operating automobile/truck dealerships. Are you a super wheeler dealer? Play the game and find out!

2-6 Players
30 Barry Ct
North Providence, RI 02904
Ph: (401) 556-0825

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