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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 6/13/2007

p.s. PlayGames is a boutique games producing company which specializes in providing quality, fun, family games to help reawaken the forgotten family hour.

Founded in 2006, the independent designers wanted to create classic style games that are easy to learn with high repeat play value. UPSET™ was born!

UPSET™ is a new and exciting, nail-biting game of pure emotion that strikes the perfect balance between chance and strategy and introduces the elements of luck and surprise to make sure that everyone has a chance to win and victory is never a sure thing.

The p.s. PlayGames’ company partnership is committed to improving the quality of life, especially for children. In support of this, the company contributes 5% of all net profits to children’s charities and children’s welfare and benefits organizations on a completely non-secular basis.

Game Design and Contents
Can Yelling, Nail-Biting and Holding One’s Breath be a Fun Family Pastime?
It sure can when you're playing UPSET™, the exciting new game that combines chance with strategy. Imagine a game that goes from great moments of family interaction to dynamic party challenges; imagine a fast-paced game for two or an ingenious party in the making — all in one box! The object of this addictive game is to score points with the dice (10,000 to win, 5,000 short game) and strategically use the UPSET cards to beat your opponents. Players start with 25 uPcentS (chips) — ten for the pot and 15 to play with. It's simple. As players' scores rise, they win chips. If they don't score, they lose them. And if they go into debt they are out - ouch! Also, if a player rolls UPSET everyone else must restart from scratch - ouch again! UPSET cards combined with the uPcent chips make this game a roller coaster ride of suspense and elation. Who will win? It's anyone's game until the last minute!

Above all UPSET™ spells F-U-N!

MSRP: $29.99
Wholesale: 14.99

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More Than Just a Dice Game! UPSET™ has a unique play design feature; the game box opens to form the play/board area. The top lid is turned upside down and is attached to the box. The inside of the flocked lid is the dice pitch area and the box houses the pot for the chips, has a place for the cards and discards and has compartments for all parts to be stored compactly when the game is not in use.

The Game Includes:
· 5 special dice (showing numbers plus letters that spell U-P-S-E-T)
· 52 UPSET Cards (31 Player & 21 Keeper Cards)
· 150 uPcent Chips (6 different color sets of 25 chips)
· 2 pads of interactive score sheets (100 total)
· 1 dice shaker
· 6 pencils

Play Time:
Flexible - depending on number of players and which version of the game (long or short) played, 30 - 90 minutes

2-6 Players
Ages: 12 and up

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Expansion Pack
With each of the four additional color Score Pad sets (sold separately), receive a set of three new UPSET EXPANSION Cards (1 Keeper and 2 Player) to add to the original deck of 52 cards. Each expansion set adds a new element to every game!  Collect them all!  Visit for details.

p.s. PlayGames presents UPSET™ as the first in the ‘UPSET FAMILY’ series of games.  This flagship game is paving the way for future UPSET games such as: UPSET Teams, UPSET Junior, UPSET Poker, UPSET Travel and UPSET Deluxe.

UPSET™ is MORE Than Just a Dice Game!

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UPSET™ is the sensational new game that will have players on the edge of their seats!
From the testimonials of regular players and also from focus groups assembled to evaluate the game, come some of the reactions to UPSET™...

“UPSET™ is the most excitement and fun I’ve had from a new game since I got married!”
Elaine Richards, 50, London, England

“I love it because it always keeps you on your toes. It's easy to learn and it’s a really fast-moving game.”
Matthew Brown 14, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

“This is a game the whole family can enjoy. It's fun and easy to play with enough variations to keep everyone interested. It has even helped the kids with their mental math skills. Excellent.”
Tracey Taberner, 45, Leeds, England

“UPSET™ is the most exhilarating game I've ever played... where nothing is predictable. Pure energizing fun ! ”
Shawn Young 45, Toronto, Ontario

“It’s an exciting game because there’s so many different elements to it. The best!”
Ellen Etmanskie 15, Orlando, Florida

“Me and my buddies used to get together to play poker but now our poker night has turned into UPSET night. "
Jason Hiltz 32, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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15 Maitland Place Suite 1112
Toronto, ON, Canada M4Y 2X3
Ph: 416-921-5624
Fax: 416-944-2251

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