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Family Pastimes games can be found in many stores and gift shops in many countries. If your favorite stores don't have them, tell them to contact us. Otherwise, you can order directly from us.

Some of the games are licensed to companies in other countries such as Brazil, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, and Mexico in their respective languages.

The sale of our games by camps, schools, churches and other groups are great fundraisers. Contact us for complete details about how to become part of the Family Pastimes team and raise money for your worthy cause.

We would be glad to help out anyone making or organizing presentations and workshops. We have suggestions to consider and can supply catalogs in bulk for your registration packages.

Our catalog is sent only if you ask for it or someone requests that we send it to you. We will not give your name to other companies.

Somewhere in the Rockies
Somewhere in the Honduras
We are Partners in the TK&RL Transport Business, with our own lines of Trains & Trucks for collecting & delivering various Goods to Mr. Big’s Coastal Warehouses. Mr. Big pays us well for everything we bring in plus Bonuses for filling each Warehouse.

The Risks are great, what with the Roads and Rails getting wiped out by Snow Storms and Rock Slides, not to mention Government Cutbacks leaving the Infrastructure in dangerous shape. Only Partners with nerves of steel and alert brains need apply for the job.

If you have what it takes, join us in a Railway & Trucking adventure!

Basic game: 2 to 4 players, ages 9-12
Advanced game: 2 to 8 players, ages 12 to adult

Includes: 17 x 17" board, 4 movers & color matched transport collector cards, 4 trucks, 4 trains, 6 events & their 50 markers, 3 stops, 4 fixups, die, 30 goods consisting of grain, lumber, ore, coal, cattle, fruit, paper, mail, 1 dispatcher chart, 2 sets of rules.

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We are local Business Partners collecting Goods from the countryside & delivering them to Coastal Export Warehouses, Inc. CEW pays us for everything we bring in, plus Bonuses for completing certain Contracts.

The pay is poor and the Dangers many. If we are not avoiding Snakes, Chagas, Flash Floods and the like, we are watching out for Robbers. So, why bother, you ask? It’s a living and a lot of rural workers depend on us to bring as many Goods as we can to the Warehouses before Dangerous Conditions make it impossible to continue

If you lack the necessary pride, wisdom and courage, don’t join us, join the Banditos.

For 2 to 5 players, ages 12 to adult.

Includes: 17 x 20'' board, rules for basic & advanced games, 5 fishing boats, 5 pawns, 5 gas, 1 warehouse, 12 fish markets, 12 store closed signs, 24 assorted fish, 6 sharks, 5 gas markers, 2 boat leaks, 4 good weathers, 4 storm gear, 24 storms, 22 assorted baits.

''A very clever game that will delight those just wanting to try something different, yet prove challenging to hardboiled gamers looking for a deep gaming experience.'' - Ottawa, Ontario

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Somewhere in China
Personal Portraits
Village and Town Markets need Fish of various kinds. We are a Fishing Co-operative, each responsible for our own Boat, but working together to fill the Market Orders. We wish it were as easy as it sounds.The good Fishing Grounds are always elusive and sometimes dangerously far out to Sea. Getting the right Gear, sufficient Bait, and a good supply of Fuel can be difficult. Boat Leaks, nasty Sharks and very Stormy Weather don’t help either.

We have to rely on each other, keep in contact a lot and try to coordinate our efforts for everyone’s benefit. This co-operative spirit is the secret of good sailing and successful fishing. We also must return safely to our Home Ports before the Stormy Season makes fishing and deliveries too dangerous to continue.

May the Forces that be smile on our efforts!

For 2 to 4 players, ages 12 to adult.

Includes: 17 x 17'' board, 4 movers and matching collector cards, 6 travel cards, 6 dangerous conditions & their 30 markers, 3 stops, 4 fixups, 1 die, 18 goods consisting of coffee, bananas, pineapples, spices, weaving, baskets, hats, carvings and rules.

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For Adults who like to talk over, reflect about and generally explore who they are and what is important to them in this ever challenging world.

In a non-competitive, relaxed friendly format, we paint verbal portraits of each other using the image cards provided. The cards are both serious and playfully humorous. We rank the Images on each other's charts as well. How important, for example, are Family Reunions to Jim? More important than having a Car? And where do Politics fit in? To add to the enjoyment, there are Quips to consult, Koans to answer and Furtunes to consider, as revealed by the Gypsy at the end of the game.

Rules provide for Solitaire play, a Couples version, and a Group version for up to 30; thus, this is a game suitable for a few or for Socials and Parties.

For 1 to 30 adult players.

Includes: 12 personal portraits charts, 600 image cards, 180 koans, 150 fortunes, quips booklet.

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Perth, Ontario, Canada K7H 3C6
Ph: 888-267-4414
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