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Bobolo Productions is dedicated to connecting children to the natural world through music, movement and make-believe. By creating products designed to engage, inspire and educate, Bobolo Productions teaches kids to care about themselves, their neighbors and the planet. With a growing collection of CDs and multi-media content for children, Bobolo Productions, under the enthusiastic lead of independent performing artists, Bobs & Lolo, produces high-energy, interactive musical adventures for the entire family. Performing as Bobs & Lolo, Lorraine Pond and Robyn Hardy, combine a love of music with a passion for working with children and teaching about the wonders of nature. Since debuting as Bobs & Lolo in 2003, Lorraine and Robyn have captured the hearts and minds of thousands of children and parents alike.

Bobs & Lolo - Sea Notes
Bobs & Lolo - Musical Adventures
Sea Notes features 15 original tracks, including "Ocean Blue", "Crabby Blues" and "I Wish I Was a Jellyfish". Guaranteed to get children floating like jellyfish and dancing like dolphins, Sea Notes mixes a variety of musical styles including jazz, rock, blues and pop.
Featuring 15 original tracks, this award winning album includes songs about enjoying the outdoors (My Bike, The Great Outdoors, Little Breeze), conserving wildlife (Wish for a Fish) and going green (Recycle with Me).
Parents' Choice Silver Honors
Bobs & Lolo
“I love bugs”, “You are never alone when you have a shadow to call your own” and “to keep our world a special place, we need to reduce the amount we waste” are just a few of the lyrics found on the collection of songs featured on Bobs & Lolo’s Musical Adventures album, which recently received a
2007 Parents’ Choice Silver Honors award.
Using music, movement and make-believe, Bobs & Lolo celebrate the values of healthy-living and aim to inspire an awareness and appreciation for the natural world with their young audiences.
303 997 22nd Avenue W
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2A2
Ph: (778) 329-8644
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