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SCUM, the Card Game
How It Works
SCUM is the exciting NEW card game that is fun for the whole family!

Battle your way from SCUM into the upper crust of society.

Pit your skill against your opponents' to become the next President. In SCUM it's anyone's game!!

Note that the SCUM card is the lowest card in the deck.

SCUM is the perfect game to play at:

  • Family outings
  • Parties
  • Social Gatherings
  • With Friends
  • Game Nights
  • Any Time of the Day

Watch the SCUM, the Card Game Video Watch Video Now
The first player who goes out in each series becomes the President for the next series and receives points equal to the number of players in the game.

The second player who goes out becomes the Vice President and receives one less point than the new President. Each player who goes out receives one less point than the player preceding them until there is one player remaining with cards. This player becomes SCUM for the next series and receives only 1 point for the current series.

Example: If there are six people playing the game, the first player to go out (the President for the next series) receives 6 points; the next player to go out receives 5 points; the next player, 4 points; the next player, 3 points; and the next player (Next to Scum for the next series) receives 2 points. The last player with cards left in his/her hand receives 1 point and is SCUM for the next series.
Getting Started
Round 2 of SCUM
After the SCUM deck is shuffled, each player draws 1 card. The person with the highest card is designated as President and sits at the head of the table. The remaining players then sit in descending order until the person with the lowest card is seated to the immediate right of President. This player is designated SCUM.

(Refer to the diagram above to see how each player is seated and what rank they are given.) This is the seating arrangement for the entire first series. In event of a tie (drawing the same card number) a second card is drawn and the higher number receives the higher seating position.
After GETTING STARTED and playing ROUND 1

Vice President re-shuffles all the cards and deals clockwise, beginning with President. (Deal out all the cards even though some players may receive an extra card.)

SCUM then trades his/her two highest cards to the President, even if they are Wild President Cards. President then passes whichever two cards he/she wants to give SCUM. Note to SCUM: Be sure to be honest when trading because the President will notice if you play a high card that he/she should have received.

Next to Scum then performs the same trade with the Vice President, but only one card is exchanged. (Exception: If there are only four players, the President and SCUM exchange only one card and the Vice President and Next to Scum do not trade.)
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