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Rockabye Baby! transforms timeless rock songs into beautiful instrumental lullabies. Delicate instruments such as the glockenspiel, vibraphone, mellotron, harp and bells create a soothing atmosphere of sound. Share these charming recordings of The Beatles, U2, Metallica, Pink Floyd and more with the littlest rock star in your life.

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Christmas Rock Classics
Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Metallica
After everyone is done rockin’ ‘round the Christmas tree, these lullaby versions of rock’s most beloved Christmas songs will have your little one dreaming of sugar-plums rocking out. Put this on, tuck in your wee babe, and prepare for a truly silent night.
On this album, they’ll enjoy Metallica’s biggest anthems without the pesky earplugs you didn’t bother to wear growing up. We’ve turned down the volume from an eleven to a two, and made the bed ourselves. Say your prayers little one. Tonight the sandman will be gently rocking you to sleep with these essential masterpieces of rock'n'roll.
Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of U2
Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Bob Marley
If it’s timeless you’re looking for, you don’t have to look much further than Ireland’s legendary heroes U2. Their cascading melodies and soundscapes are a perfect foundation for these heavenly lullabies. Introducing your little one to this unforgettable music is the sweetest thing you can do.
No baby no cry. Bob Marley’s lilting melodies will gently sway your loved one to sleep. The perfect antidote to restless nights these comforting renditions will transform bed time into a peaceful wonderland. Could you be lulled?
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