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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 12/21/2007

Mad Cave Bird games, LLC, is a maker of fine quality wood board games for the entire family! Founded in 2006 our small family company makes games that are not only fun but are educational and challenging too. ColorKu was our first game and is great! We now make expansion puzzle packs for ColorKu and will be introducing a brand new game, Tic-Tac-Ku this year. It too is a high quality wood board game with wood marbles and presents a whole new twist to take the old tic-tac-toe game to a new level of fun skill and strategy!

COLORKU is here! It's SUDOKU in color! Solve any SUDOKU puzzle on our Solid wood game board with wood marbles in 9 dazzling colors. Get started by using any one of the 104 puzzle cards ranging from easy to extreme, then solve the puzzle using logic, skill, and deductive reasoning by getting one and only one marble of each color in every one of the nine rows, nine columns, and nine 3 x 3 squares.

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Includes a color conversion card to use Colorku to solve any Sudoku puzzle from any source, solutions, and playing/storage tray!  Sugg Retail: $29.99

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ColorKu Expansion Puzzle Packs
Tic - Tac - Ku
NEW!  ColorKu expansion puzzle card packs now available in three great ways.  Each new pack contains 104 all new puzzle cards and a solutions book.  Pack 1 contains all easy/beginner level puzzles; Pack 2 contains all advanced/more difficult puzzles, and Pack 3 contains puzzle cards in all five levels of difficulty.  Sugg retail:  $9.95

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All New Game with a great twist on an old favorite! Solid Wood playing board and 81 marbles in two colors. Takes the old tic-tac-toe favorite to an all new level of fun, skill, and strategy. Played on a nine square board, your play dictates where your opponent(s) can play too. For two or four players. The person or team that captures 5 ( or the majority) of squares wins! Sounds easy? It's not!

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2003 Argentina Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Ph: 616.452.6861
Fax: 866.916.3300

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