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As long as David Schreiber could remember he was creating and building toys. Uncle Skunkle Toys first came to being as a thesis project for David Schreiber’s Master Degree in the early 1990’s.

Today Uncle Skunkle Toys is mainly a game company selling our products under our own label in the USA. Uncle Skunkle Toys develops games that not only look good in your living room, but that are fun for the whole family to play. We believe a good game is one that combines a bit of chance with a bit of strategy and put a dash of each in all of our products. This is why young and old can play our games and both find them challenging.

Bambooga® - The Human Puzzle Game
Rapid 4® More
Crawl, Walk, Scoot or jump your way towards the finish line in this human knot game requiring as much luck as it does determination. Players are joined to one another through random chance by the Bambooga shaker in an ever changing knot of hilarity. Players of all ages will be roaring with laughter as the shaker complicates things over and over again. In this game created in association with the Kids Arch, even the bag is a part of the game! Bambooga, It’s Sticky Fun!

Players: 4-6

Creative Child Magazine
Toy of the Year Award (2008)

Watch the Bambooga® - The Human Puzzle Game Video Watch YouTube Video

Watch the Bambooga® - The Human Puzzle Game Video Watch Video Now

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Once there was Rapid 4 now there is More...Rapid 4 More...More Players..More Fun..More Excitement, what more could you want?

If your Family Enjoyed Rapid 4, they hearts will skip a beat for Rapid 4 more! Rapid 4 More adds more excitement and strategy to the fast paced game of Rapid 4, with the addition of an entirely new large playing surface. Play both sides of the board in your pursuit to grasp victory while foiling your friends along the way. Rapid 4 more also gives the added ability of playing up to 4 players to extend the level of zany enjoyment to all your friends and family.

Available in Wood Only

Players: 4

TNPC Holiday 2008 Seal of Approval

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Rapid 4® -- Available in Plastic or Wood
Destruct 3©
Rapid 4® is the quick connection game that reminds us of a pachinko machine that involves luck and strategy. Players take turns dropping marbles through the maze of levers in order to get a winning combination of 4 in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The removal of a fifth marble in a column allows for continuous play and unexpected twists. Rapid 4® is a great game and gift - for home or vacation fun.

Available in Wood or Plastic

Players: 2

Parents Magazine
Top Toy of the Year (Rapid 4®)

Dr. Toy
Best Product (Rapid 4® Wood)

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Destruct 3© is the newest and greatest Build'em Up - Knock'em Down game on the market. Players build the tower, roll the dice to determine the destructo device, then knock it down with the Catapult, the Pendulum, or the Ramp. Destruct 3© is great fun, entertaining and is made from beautiful, sustainable rubber tree wood. Everyone will have a blast playing Destruct 3©. Destruct 3 is fun for the whole family, whether you're engineer or demolitions expert, destruct 3 has a something for everyone.

Players: 2-4

Creative Child Magazine
Toy of the Year Award (2004)

Major Fun Award (2007)

Museum Tour Best Product Award (2008)

Informal Education Products
Product of the Year (2007-2008)

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4130 SW 117th Avenue #231
Beaverton, OR 97005
Ph: 503-608-7581
Fax: 303-600-5068

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