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As TDC Games (Toy fair Booth 103) celebrates its 30th anniversary in the toy industry, we are pleased to present several new & exciting items to our popular line of games & puzzles. Following on the success of the Campbell’s Alphabet Dice Game, we have added an entire "It’s not Food. It’s Fun!" line of games, which include "Makin’ Bacon", "The Tootsie Roll Dice Game" & Baloney" (a bluffing game for the whole family). In addition to these faux food items, TDC Games is the proud licensee for the official & complete home version of "Hollywood Game Night", the hit NBC TV game show starring Jane Lynch & her celebrity friends. We have also added the "Dirty (Blank)ing Card Game" (for those of you who laughed your (Blank) off at Cards Against Humanity but couldn’t carry it in your stores.) Come see us in Booth #103 at Toy Fair to see these & other items that are new for 2014 or contact TDC Games directly.

TDC Games faux Food line
The Hollywood Game Night Game
These four games are from the "It’s Not Food. It’s Fun!" line and include the favorite "Campbell’s Alphabet dice Game" (the award winning anagram crossword game that’s M’m M’m Good), "Makin’ Bacon’ Dice Game (And let’s face it…anything’s better with bacon.) It also includes the "Baloney Game" (the bluffing game in fabulous packaging) and the all new "Tootsie Roll Dice Game (the deliciously simple game for the whole family that’s the fastest game on dice). Various counter top and floor displays are available.

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Play the parlor games of the fun & famous with the Official & Complete "Hollywood Game Night" board game. Complete with game cards, game board, markers, a timer and BUZZERS, your customers can host the wildest game night in the neighborhood. Airing on NBC primetime with an average of over 3.5 million viewers and hosted by the ever popular Jane Lynch, Hollywood Game Night is an outrageous collection of parlor games made famous by celebs such as Sean Hayes, Rosie O’Donnel, Mathew Perry, Ray Romano, Lisa Kudrow and many others. For ages 12 to adult. Jane Lynch not included.

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Dirty (blank) ing Card Game
Jigsaw Puzzles for Men
If you laughed your (BLANK) off with Cards Against Humanity, you’re really gonna (BLANK) yourself with the "Dirty (BLANK) ing Card Game"… from the makers of "Dirty Minds" where the "dirt" is all in your mind. Just fill in the blanks of some completely innocent stories with some totally harmless words that you are holding on cards in your hand. Your customers will all want to (BLANK) you.

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We all know that many puzzle buyers are thoughtful women who are buying gifts for the men in their life. We recognized this need and thus created our new, reasonably priced,1000 pc "Man Puzzles", Jigsaw puzzles for men. With artwork from world class pin-up illustrator Greg Hildebrandt, creator of thousands of works, including the original Star Wars poster, these puzzles are sure to please. A portion of the proceeds from this "American Beauties" series benefits the fallen NY firefighters & EMS workers.

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1035 N Hilltop Dr
Itasca, IL 50143
Ph: 800-292-7676
Fax: 630-860-9977

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