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Albert Whitman & Company has been publishing “good books for children” since 1919. We are best known for our classic series, The Boxcar Children® Mysteries.

Our highly-praised picture books, novels, and nonfiction titles, for ages 2-12, succeed in delighting children, while helping them grow intellectually and emotionally.

Albert Whitman books reach out to children of all backgrounds and experiences.

In our Concept books, we respond to those who have challenging life situations— kids who must deal with prejudice or bullies; kids who must live with asthma or autism or HIV; kids whose families have been torn apart by divorce, war, or death. We are proud to know that families, librarians, and schools turn to us for these titles.

Our talented authors and illustrators, along with our entire staff, devote themselves to providing the very best books for children and families.

Spring Things
The Frog with the Big Mouth
Author Bob Raczka thinks it’s a neat coincidence that the word “spring,” like so many of its happy activities, ends in “ing.” Nature is busy budding and flowering; baby animals are being born; gardeners are planting; and everywhere children are running and playing.

Spring Things is sure to encourage young readers to celebrate the coming of this welcome season. Raczka’s simple rhymes using “ing” words will inspire children to come up with their own words to describe all the fun and wonder of spring. Judy Stead’s vibrant paintings perfectly complement the lively text.

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In the rainforest, where Argentina meets Brazil, a frog with a very big mouth catches an enormous fly. Impressed with himself, he sets out along the path to find someone else to amaze. “I’ve eaten the biggest FLY in the whole world!” he brags. “Don’t you wish you were ME?”

The Frog with the Big Mouth brags to a toucan, a coati, and a capybara. (None of whom have eaten enormous flies--too bad!) And then, wanting to brag just a little longer, he comes across a large speckled creature with sharp teeth--it’s a jaguar. Guess what jaguars like to eat?

Teresa Bateman’s comical retelling, accompanied by Will Terry’s vibrant artwork, will leave children asking for more. A note contains additional information about the South American rainforest animals in the story. Versions of this story appear all over the world, but the real big-mouthed frogs, nicknamed Pacman frogs, live in South America.

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April Foolishness
The Truth about Truman School
It's a spring morning on the farm. Grandma is happy the grandkis are visiting—they've picked just the right day!—and Grandpa is fixing breakfast.

Suddenly his grandson reports that the cows have got loose! He thinks Big Brown Bessie just stepped on a goose! "Good gracious," Grandpa says as he pours himself a glass of milk.

When his granddaughter shouts the chickens are out, Grandpa cooks up some eggs. Pigs broke the gate" Grandpa fries bacon. Why is Grandpa so cool? Because he knows the kids are trying to play an April Fool's trick!

Teresa Bateman's rollicking rhyme and Nadine Bernard Westcott's rib-tickling pictures make for riotous April Fool's Day fun.

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They just wanted to tell the truth.

When Zebby and Amr create the website, they want it to be honest. They want it to be about the real Truman Middle School, to say things that the school newspaper would never say, and to give everyone a chance to say what they want to say, too.

But given the chance, some people will say anything—anything to hurt someone else. And when rumors about one popular student escalate to cruel new levels, it's clear the truth about Truman School is more harrowing than anyone ever imagined.

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6340 Oakton Street
Morton Grove, IL 60053-2723
Ph: 847-581-0033
Fax: 847-581-0039
Alt Phone: 800-255-7675

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