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April 2022 | Vol. XXI - No. 4


Cheerble Introduces its latest wicked series pet toy - Wicked Ball SE

Cheerble Technology Co is proud to announce the release of a new smart pet toy called Wicked Ball SE, which was specifically designed for small to medium sized dogs. This product is intended to provide hours of entertainment to pets and was designed after meticulous research determining what features and elements pets are most likely to enjoy. The April release is projected to be a big hit on the market amongst pet parents and paw friends.

The Wicked Ball SE is the fifth product in the Wicked series and includes three different interaction modes for complete customization based on a pet's unique preferences. It is a spinoff of Cheerble's original Wicked Ball, which acts as an intelligent companion for pet's entertainments. The original Wicked Ball was a huge success on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with more than 100,000 fans across the world. The product is waterproof, rechargeable and ends boredom for hours at a time. Wicked Series always maintain the 3 competitive qualities which give the pronouns of "Cheer pets up": 1. Smart Wicked Core. 2. Intelligent Companion. 3. Multiple Interaction Modes.

According to Cheerble's CEO Seven, "We are excited to release this new product as we continue to expand the Cheerble brand. Pets absolutely love this product and we can't wait to hear the reaction from our customers. We will continue to develop more smart products like this and look forward to delighting our shoppers - both humans and pets alike." 

The toy's smart core enables pets to play independently, without the need for a human to re-start it. This newest Wicked Ball SE's size is perfectly suited for small to medium sized pets and now is available for pre-order at

About Cheerble:

Shenzhen Cheerble Technology Co., Ltd. (Cheerble) is a high-tech focused company founded in 2016 by a group of pet lovers who wanted to create fun, smart products for pets. Cheerble is engaged in providing reliable products with modern design, cutting-edge technology and superb quality to help the paw friends have a happy, energetic and healthy life. The company focuses on resolving real world questions for pets' lovers and aim to be the leading brand in the industry.

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Faye Huang
PR specialist


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