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What's a DAME to do?!™
From: games for dames™ by sisters 2 inc.

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Age Range: 18 and up
Gender: Girls
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In this premiere edition of What’s a Dame to do?!, designed for two to eight female players, the answer is in the cards. Each player gets a turn in the spotlight, and participants try to earn points by correctly guessing players’ reactions to Dame Dilemmas. “What's a Dame to do?! is aimed at fun-loving, sassy adult women of all ages and lifestyles. This includes co-eds, 20- and 30-somethings taking it out for girls' night, at-home moms having a girls’ night in, and female family members playing together even with hip grandma. It's not a 'talk about your feelings and experiences' game like others out there,” Co-inventor Kerri Neubek of Sisters 2 Inc. told TDmonthly.

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TDmonthly Review:

What Is It?
A circular boardgame for gal friends, “What’s a Dame to Do?” presents a player with a dilemma and the other players must guess how she’ll resolve it. The one who most often guesses the “correct” answers wins. So what’s a dilemma? Oh, being called “Ma’m” for the first time or being hit on by a guy 20 years older than you. And possible solutions? Helpful strategies, such as speaking in a foreign accent, downing the Chardonnay or using a hose.

What We Thought
After two rounds, we initially skeptical gals were convulsed with laughter, mascara’d tears and snot running down our faces. Not attractive, but that made it even funnier. What busted us up? Potty humor, of course. When faced with the horror of overflowing the toilet at a friend’s housewarming party, our very well-mannered Southern colleague was presented with such helpful solutions as “Speak with a foreign accent!” “Make a game of it!” and “Start a trend!” We all (including she) agreed that the second choice was her best bet, and we’ve haven’t been the same since.

Why They’ll Want It
”What’s a Dame to Do?” is an outrageously funny game that reminds us all of those uncomfortable moments that require quick thinking and creative resolutions. It’s a great game for friends, enemies, co-workers, sisters, moms and great-grandmas. Any woman with a bit of “experience” can relate. Got problems, sorrows, embarrassments? “Make a game of it!” — That’s what they did at Sisters 2 Inc. and we three dames think it’s gonna be all right. — Alison Marek, 11/20/07

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