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TDmonthly/Playzak Direct-Buy Links

How do I add my product link on TDmonthly/PlayZak so I can get more sales as well?

1. Please email us the link to your ecommerce site for the product you want us to link to. (The direct link must be to the specific product you want us to link to and your site must indicate that the product is currently in stock and available for sale.)

2. Please help us keep the buyers happy and coming back to buy more by enabling us to confirm that you and other retailers have the specific product in stock (that's if you currently have more than 18 of the specific item in stock.) Confirmation is simple: email or fax to us your recent manufacturer invoice for the product you want us to link to:

Submit to:
Please use this subject line: "Add to ToyDirectory Retailer Direct-Buy Links"

3. Please make sure the invoice indicates quantity of item delivered to your store.

Please note:

- If the product name on your invoice differs from the name we have for that product on our site, please indicate on your invoice the TOYDIRECTORY product name OR the TDmonthly product name OR the PLAYZAK product name OR the TOYDIRECTORY Product ID.

- The date of the delivery of items on the invoice must be within 45 days of the CURRENT date--the date you submit your invoice to us.

Good to know:

- The links are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

- There are currently no fees associated with this TD direct-buy program.

- Links may stay up on our site for only 15 to 45 days based on the popularity of the product and other such factors considered in the TD Link Algorithm. (So, if you reorder a product and receive the merchandise, submit your new invoice as well, asap.)

- If you sell out of a product you must inform us asap, by emailing us or calling us at 424-272-6854.

- Terms and conditions subject to change without notice, where allowed.

If you have any questions/concerns or suggestions, please call our office (424-272-6854) and ask to speak with the publisher about the TD direct-buy program. Thank you.

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