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A unique patent-pending abdominal wrap design that allows a post-maternal woman to regain her healthy waistline naturally and comfortably with a single wrap. The Cinch comes in two sizes, 26-34” or 33-42”. An internal measuring tape helps to track progress baby weight loss. Front inner pocket feature allows for a warm/cold pack insert. Side zipper allows for ease of wear. Elastic bands in the front and back help with extra support. Compact and light. Designed to be comfortable enough to be worn for hours at one time.

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Featured in:See "Green" in Videos of Eco-Friendly Infant Toys (9/1/2009)

TDmonthly Review:

What It Is: The Cinch is an adjustable abdominal wrap to help postpartum women regain their pre-pregnancy waistline. Available in two sizes, it has a hidden measuring tape for fitting, elastic banding on the front and rear, a zip-up side, and a fold-down, flat-front pouch.

What We Thought:
I was pleased to be able to test out the Cinch after the birth of my first child. Aesthetically, the wrap-style product has great lines. The Cinch is made of soft, feel-good fabric that doesn't leave you itching to get it off at the end of the day. One of the the things I really enjoyed about the Cinch is the built in measuring device at the product's waistband. I was able to track as my postpartum waistline shrunk, giving motivation and gratification for the efforts I put into regaining my previously fit condition. The Cinch is also highly effective at "tucking in" loose, saggy postpartum skin. I felt as though it gave my stretched abdominal wall extra support as well. Notably, the side panels of the product really helped not only hold me in all around, but also actually helped recreate some of my previous curves. The only real trouble I had was that the top of the front panel constantly fell forward, creating a bunch at the top of my stomach. If I adjusted it, it would stay, but I feel like this issue took away from the Cinch-ing effect, as it looked a bit ballooned out whenever the top fell forward. Because of this, I was unable to wear the Cinch with tighter fitting tops or dresses, as the bunching and seam lines were visible. If there were a way to prevent this, however, the Cinch would have 5 stars in my book!

Why They´ll Want It:
High quality and aesthetically pleasing, the Cinch is an excellent product for postpartum mamas. It effectively supports the midsection while also concealing loose skin, and is comfortable and secure enough to wear for hours. — TDmonthly Reviewer, 3-17-10

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 24850      (added 8/5/2009)

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