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Chip Taylor and the Grandkids - Golden Kids Rules


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MSRP: $13.99
Gender: Boys And Girls

When renowned musician & songwriter Chip Taylor ("Wild Thing" & "Angel of the Morning") became a grandfather, he directed his creative energy to writing new songs with & for his grandkids. Golden Kids Rules melds the husky, time-worn vocals & the musical instincts of a seasoned performer with the charming artistry of his 3 young grandchildren. Taylor's brother, actor Jon Voight, offers an insightful introduction to the artist & the album. 13 tracks, 38 mins, 20+page booklet w/ lyrics. Launch date: October 18, 2011.
Awards: TDmonthly Top Toy Award, January 2012.
— Why it won: A great CD that tackles topics relevant to kids without being patronizing or sacrificing the quality of the actual music. Lovely tunes that parents and kids can listen to together.

Featured in:TDmonthly Top Toy Award Winners January 2012 (1/1/2012)
November Staff Picks (11/1/2011)

TDmonthly Review:

This is the first album from Chip Taylor & The Grandkids, though Chip himself has been involved in music for years. Probably most remembered for the hit "Wild Thing," Taylor has now recorded with his grandkids this 12 song, on this 38-minute album.


Combining the indie sounds of Wilco with the laidback Americana style of The Johnny Cash Children´s Album, this album, to put it simply, rocks. The music is sophisticated in its subtlety, and will be a relief to the ears of parents who´ve had to listen to one too many Kidz Bop albums. The lyrics on the album bounce between whimsical and poignant, but are always well written. Stand out tracks include "Big Ideas," with the kids singing lines like "Take a good look at me / I´m not just a kid / I got big ideas. / I don´t tell them to everyone. / What about you?" and "I want to be a doctor, a lawyer, a mother, a friend." As Taylor says in the liner notes, "Kids like singing about serious stuff — because they think about that stuff — whether YOU talk about it or not." This comes through very well on the rest of the album, including "Quarter Moon Shining" (What´s beyond the sky, Pepa? / We really want to know...When old dogs die, Pepa / Where do they go?) and "Kids to Save the Planet" (Tell everybody that you meet/ You´re a kid that takes a stand...Anyone who makes the rules / Listen to what children say / Don´t look at them as little fools / They just want a better way). The album has a lighter side too. "Daddy is a Red Sox Fan / Mommy is a Yankees Fan" plays off the melody of the classic song "Take me out to the Ballgame." The young singer sums up her confusion well in the chorus: "Daddy is a Red sox Fan. / Mommy is a Yankees fan. / I don´t know just where I stand. / What´s a little girl to do?" The last three songs on the album, originally recorded for the wedding of one of Taylor´s sons, also feature one of the most lighthearted songs on the album. "The Possum Hunter" is a jaunty tune about a dog (the hunter) who is to afraid to get rid of a possum hiding in his dog house. The last track of the album, "Now That Kristian and Anna Have Wed" is a sweet lullaby-sounding song that will appeal to kids and adults alike.

Parents who are big music fans, but want to make sure that what their kids listen to is age-appropriate, will love this album. The lyrics are poignant and relevant to children, without being patronizing or sacrificing the quality of the music. Any adult who´s been driven crazy by the incessant squeaking, honking, and yelling of other children´s albums will appreciate this one. And if you´re a store owner who demos the CD´s you sell, you´ll be happy to have copies of Golden Kids Rules on hand as well.

— Justina Huddleston

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