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Introducing the Round Table Puzzles, the new way to do puzzles! These circular puzzles have the top of the image in the center & the bottom of the image around all the edges. Just as the Knights of the Round Table all had an equal seat around the table, everyone has an equal seat around the puzzle. The Animal Arena Version allows one to view the photo portrait of the animal kingdom from the bottom up at every angle. Jigsaw puzzles are a timeless family tradition, but traditional puzzles present a problem to those working on them—typically only one person (the person building from the bottom of the puzzle) has a normal view of the puzzle image. The Round Table Puzzles now eliminate this problem. The Animal Arena Version of the Round Table Puzzles has united the most diverse group of animals ever assembled for this puzzle. You will recognize not only the most ferocious predators but also the fastest birds and the cutest pets around—all living in perfect harmony for this unique moment in time! Can you identify every animal? 500 pieces.

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