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MSRP: $11.95 - $49.95

Fractiles - a Real STEM toy!

This award-winning magnetic tiling toy allows one to make an infinite variety of beautiful designs. It can be used to create starbursts, spirals, butterflies, beautiful mandalas of infinite complexity, bouquets of flowers, swarms of fireflies, spaceships, illusions of 3D space, and lots more. It is easy and creative. This product is made in the USA.

"For the past several years, my wife and I have featured Fractiles in workshops we do with public school students. We have been following the currently popular STEM philosophy of combining Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to get kids interested in how to teach themselves and learn independently, with really promising results. Fractiles is ideally suited to this kind of program and extremely popular with our students as it encourages creativity and innovation. We wish there were other materials of a similarly versatile and compelling nature." - Professor John L. Hall; University of Colorado, Boulder; Nobel Prize for Physics, 2005

"It is a perfect 'STEM' toy that teaches math while kids has a strong art component, too! Fractiles was way ahead of its time, and now is perfectly positioned to become a hot seller for all the families who are looking to enhance education through play!" - Sallie Kashiwa, owner/president of Timbuck Toys in Co.

"On top of being a great selling toy, [Fractiles] have become one of our personal favorites. They are educational, reasonably priced, and made in America by a reputable company. It's very rare for a toy line to meet all of those qualifications. " - Kristine Reed from Whispering Winds in Mr. Dora, Fla.

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