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Pinky Street

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MSRP: $9.99
Gender: Girls

A niche product from Japan, distributed here by DRAGON MODELS USA, Pinky Street is being collected by kids and adults in specialty comics and anime stores. Conceived as a “girl next door” fashion doll, Pinky Street figures were designed by modeler Yuki Kanaya (Baby Sue). Influenced by anime and current Tokyo fashion trends, the 4” vinyl dolls have interchangeable heads, hair, body parts, clothing and feet. Each doll comes dressed and with one extra vinyl outfit. The more Pinky Streets collected, the more mix-and-match outfit possibilities there are! Fun, imaginative and a good alternative to “brattier” fashion dolls. Warning: Pinky Streets are collectibles, aren´t produced on a mass scale and are sometimes in short supply, so if you think the doll is right for your store, you should get your order in as soon as possible.

Featured in:Toys Makin´ Their Move (9/1/2005)
August Peeks (8/1/2005)
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TDmonthly Review:

What is it?
A Pinky Street doll is a fashionably dressed young anime/manga figurine that comes with an extra outfit. But she doesn’t just change her clothes: she changes body parts as well. Her legs, skirt, hair, head and trunk all pop off and are interchangeable not only with her extra outfit, but with other Pinky Street dolls and their outfits as well. Girls can be especially creative once they have an assortment of Pinkies by swapping hairstyles, heads and fashions. They’re only about 4” tall, so they’re pocket-sized and completely transportable. Designed by modeler Yuki Kanaya (Baby Sue), the theme for the figurines is “the girl next door.” Each doll comes with accessories, such as a necktie for a school uniform or radio. Some have buttons that kids can wear, too.

What We Thought
These dolls are cute and childlike, with sullen or pensive expressions; one little girl has fangs. Since Pinky Street dolls are based on kids, they’re a nice alternative to fashion dolls that require girls to imagine themselves as already grown. Not only does changing the costumes change the fashion look of the doll, but the mood as well. Hand and feet positions vary, too, so a Pinky Street can be demure in one outfit, but forthright in another. The interchangeable hair is an added bonus and dramatically alters the doll’s looks.

Why They’ll Want It
Pinky Street dolls are cute, fun, and encourage creativity. Everyone from little girls to grown men have been collecting these figurines in comic and manga shops. Little girls will like them because they’re sweet without being cloying. They’re girls with a grown-up attitude (but not bodies), and the fashions are adorable. Changing the clothes and hairstyles is fun and just encourages collecting, because the more dolls someone has, the more possibilities for new styles there are. Moms will like them because they’re a great alternative to those other fashion dolls that encourage little girls to imagine themselves as scantily clad teenagers. Pinky Street dolls dress like kids – albeit fashionably dressed, Tokyo-style-influenced kids. 
 – Alison Marek, 8/29/05

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 4263      (added 8/23/2005)

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