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Baby's First Pop-Up: Noah's Ark

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MSRP: $19.95
Age Range: 0 to 2
SKU or Item #: 1-57791-217-9
Gender: Boys And Girls

This unique soft cloth book will delight babies with four fun and exciting handcrafted cloth pop-ups. The pop-ups are soft, sturdy, extremely durable and machine washable. The classic story of Noah's Ark is simply told and beautifully illustrated, and children will giggle with glee as they turn the pages to follow the ark and identify different pairs of animals on every cloth page.

Featured in:iParenting Media Awards Innovation (8/1/2006)
Toys in Motion: Books

TDmonthly Review:

What Is It?
A soft, colorful cloth book relating the tale of Noah’s Ark’s is filled with pop-up surprises for young “readers.” All of the pop-up animals come in appropriate sets of two and have nice detailers such as trunks, horns, tails and fins.
What We Thought
This is a cute book for any kid who likes animals, which means, I guess, any kid. The pop-up animals will withstand substantial tugging and stand up nicely as soon as the page is opened. Kids will learn about animal names and will be introduced to the concept of animals pairing off. For kids who “read” at naptime, the book’s soft enough for a sleepy head.
Why’ll They Want It
Parents and other gifters will like giving a baby his or her first book. Adults will also appreciate that the book can get dunked in the tub, left in the rain or dragged through the mud without dire results. A quick wash in the sink and spin in the dryer will bring the book back to normal. Kids will be excited by the little “toys” in the book, and also by the myriad of cute animals that decorate its pages.
-- Alison Marek, 5/5/06

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 7686      (added 4/24/2006)

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