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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 1/12/2009

Beanstalk Express was founded by Deirdre Pizzoferrato, a Registered Dietitian with Certification in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management, and an advocate for the prevention of childhood obesity. Deirdre’s greatest learning experience came with her “on the job experience” when trying to cultivate healthy eating habits in her young children. Faced with several feeding obstacles and very few solutions, Beanstalk Express was born. Developed with an idealistic vision, but with a pragmatic approach to solutions, Beanstalk Express is raising kids to healthy heights… full steam ahead!
"Around The Clock" Survival Board
The Snack Time Survival Kit
It’s the SURVIVAL BOARD Parents Have Been Waiting For!

When combined with one of our sold separate “Survival Decks”, parents can now prevent unhealthy habits from forming, or gain back control of their children’s lives from unhealthy snacking habits, TV viewing and video gaming – without all the kicking and screaming!

Our patent pending “Around the Clock” Survival Board allows for the perfect amount of times each day to encourage healthy lifestyle habits, and helps teach children the skills of moderation. Because kids aren’t born with directions, we consider this to be as close as it gets!

Available decks include the Snack Time Survival Deck and the Screen Time Survival Deck. “The Snack Time Survival Deck” presents a variety of snack cards separated into 3 color categories based on their nutritional value. Each card in the “Screen Time Survival Deck” contains pictures of different physical, educational and creative activities, as well as a variety of household responsibilities, or “chores”.

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Introducing the first product from our “Survival Kit Series” developed to help raise a healthier generation of children!

The Snack Time Survival Kit inspires children to make healthy snack choices, and encourages long-lasting healthy snacking habits! Each kit comes with a variety of snack cards, color-coded to help parents take the guesswork out of healthy snacking, and a refrigerator “snack board” equipped with 3 faux clocks with moveable hands for parents to set the snack time, and corresponding hooks to place the snack card.

From a selection of green and yellow snack cards, children choose 3 snacks for the day. Parents set the snack time and hang the cards on the corresponding hooks. And the kids do the rest! Children are entrusted as being the keeper of their own snack times – empowering them with personal responsibility! Incessant demands are quickly resolved through the visual reassurance of THEIR chosen snacks!

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1 Saw Mill Road
South Glastonbury, CT 06073
Ph: 860-633-2962

This ToyShow archives was last updated on 1/12/2009
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