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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 7/20/2009

We are thrilled with the positive feedback we received from retailers, buyers and educators at the NY International Toy Fair.

Restoration Gallery LLC is a company committed to bringing children quality toys. Our soft, plush line of dolls, Global Green Pals™ are made from organic and natural materials and each come with a unique eco-message for your child. Our inspirations stem from a strong passion for the environment and a desire to see children play with safe, educational eco-friendly toys that encourage creative and positive environmental action.

We invite you to meet the Global Green Pals™ young explorers from around the world who care about the environment and who are determined to do their part to help save the planet.

Visit the Global Green Pals™ at For more information, email or call 219-512-9644
Global Green Pals™
Global Green Pals™ - Recycle Kyle™
Global Green Pals,™ group of young eco-explorers from around the world know that everyone can do something good for the environment whether it's turning off a faucet, riding a bike, recycling a can or planting a tree. Made with organic and natural cotton, Global Green Pals ™ are loved by kids and adults alike. Each soft doll comes with its own environmental message and character tag. A portion of your purchase goes to saving the planet.

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Recycle Kyle™ likes to get people motivated about recycling because it is fun, easy, and something everyone can do. From Seattle, he loves to ride his skateboard, a pollution-free form of transportation. Kyle's dedication to recycling began one day while cruising through a park. He hit a soda can and fell down and hurt himself. Since then he has been spreading the word about recycling. He even started a recycling program at school. Kids can join Kyle and the other Global Green Pals on their mission. 

We are taking orders now for delivery in August 2009

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Carbon Offset Chet™
Clean Air Kate™
Greetings! My name is Carbon Offset Chet™. I’m from London, England and I love to fly! By flying in my special solar-powered plane, I've reduced the amount of air pollutants or “carbon emissions” I emit. This leaves the air and land cleaner for everyone to enjoy. And furthermore, I get to see the world with my Global Green Pals™ without polluting the environment! Roger that! Join me and my pals on our mission!

For more information, visit or email us at

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Hi! My name is Clean Air Kate™ and I think clean air is great! I am from Chicago in the United States. I am a city girl who believes in living life to the fullest and giving back to the environment. I love riding my bike because it does not pollute and it is fun! By riding my bicycle and walking, I don’t add harmful chemicals to the environment. I also enjoying gardening and planting trees! There is much we can do to help the environment. Join me and Global Green Pals™ in greening the planet!

For more information, visit or email us at

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Ph: 219-512-9644

This ToyShow archives was last updated on 7/20/2009
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