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Our company H & T Imaginations Unlimited, Inc. has created a wonderful, wholesome children’s character Professor Woodpecker® who is fun, loving and is a character that children and parents will embrace. Professor Woodpecker® provides unlimited fun and teaches wholesome virtues and educates children on many needed areas of their development in a fun and enjoyable manner. Professor Woodpecker® presents a rewarding and encouraging positive role model for today’s children. Research groups of children and parents have raved about and enjoyed the Professor and are in support of his role and message he provides to children. Professor Woodpecker® is a plush animal, plush hand puppet and has several wholesome learning books with accompany read along compact disk and includes a composed unique fun song for each book. These books have wonderful colorful illustrations and are easy readers. He also has kid T-shirts with the character and wholesome messages, learning match games and coming soon a DVD series with learning, play and fun themes.

Professor WoodpeckerŽ Educational DVD: Health and Nutrition - Volume 1
Educational Nutritional Books
Enter Professor Woodpecker’s® world and learn about nutritional foods and snacks. Explore good eating habits and good health habits in a fun and exciting way. The DVD provides an interactive method of teaching the basics that are fun while maintaining your child’s attention by feeding the imagination with live characters and their animated counterparts. Watch as Professor Woodpecker® and friends meet Jerry the gorilla, Squirmy the worm and Billy the Goat on three different adventures.
Wholesale price: $5.00.

Now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Authorhouse.

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Educational Nutritional Books with accompanying read along CD. 3 different titles available: "Professor Woodpecker Loves Cereal" "Banana Sandwiches" and "Apples". Get yours today for a wholesome and fun adventure learning about healthy and nutritious foods and snacks. A bonus unique song on each title is including and kids will be able to sing along and dance.
Wholesale price: $5.60-$7.30

Now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Authorhouse.

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Plush Professor WoodpeckerŽ
Professor WoodpeckerŽ Puppet
Come learn in a wholesome fun way about Organic, healthy foods and assorted subjects with Professor Woodpecker®, a plush character that is soft and huggable and is made with very bright fun colors.

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Professor Woodpecker® is a puppet too! And he will tell you about healthy foods to build a sound mind and body.

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9310 Old Kings Road South, Suite 1001
Jacksonville, FL 32257
Ph: (904) 419-1001
Fax: (904) 419-1004

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