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ethiKids is dedicated to the ethical development of children by providing fun and engaging materials that create open dialogue between children and adults about ethical behavior in today’s fast-paced, changing and sometimes confusing world.

“what’s the deal?’ by ethiKids makes it easy for parents and teachers to have relevant and engaging character conversations with the children in their lives. We provide fun fodder and guidance along the way.

All products made in the USA.

"what's the deal?" Game
ethiKids Poster Set
In "what's the deal?" – a tween and teen prep kit - Fiona and Luke find themselves in lots of sticky situations. Follow these exploits with children and watch them grow as they think through the best solutions for Fiona and Luke - and begin to apply them in their own lives.

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This simple and concise values and skills tutorial, as a companion to "what's the deal?" or on its own, can provide easy support to character-related discussions in group settings. Asking the group to consider what values are at play, working together or competing, will generate timely and relevant dialogue.
ethiKids, inc.
434 Lafayette Street, Suite G1
New York, NY 10003
Ph: (212) 673-5200
Fax: (212) 673-5003
Alt Phone: (877) 384-4543
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