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This ToyShow Preview was last updated on 5/29/2008

The Critical Thinking Company is a publisher of award-winning educational books, puzzles, software and DVDs that teach critical thinking skills. The company’s fun, easy-to-use products help develop and improve knowledge in reading, writing, math, science, and history.

For over 50 years, the Critical Thinking Company has been empowering students with the problem-solving skills needed for success in school and in life.

New distributors receive a 55% discount and free shipping in the US on their first qualifying prepaid order. Call 800-641-6555 for details.
Science DetectiveŽ A1
Word Roots Beginning
Science Detective® uses topics and skills drawn from national science standards to prepare children for more advanced science courses and new assessments that measure reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing in science. Students can't just scan the passages for answers—they must carefully analyze and synthesize the information from the text and charts, tables, and graphs to explain and support their answers. Series includes two titles for Grades 3-6. Interactive software version is also available.

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Word Roots teaches students the meanings of prefixes, roots, and suffixes commonly used in English. Learning word elements dramatically improves spelling and the ability to decode unfamiliar words. Word Roots will add hundreds of words to your students' vocabulary and greater depth to their thinking and writing. Series includes five titles for Grades 3-12+. Interactive software versions are also available.

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Complete The Picture Math
Vocabulary Smarts
Complete the Picture Math develops a wide variety of math, reading, visual, and spatial reasoning skills. Children solve an engaging word problem that focuses on reading comprehension and mathematical reasoning before completing and coloring an animal picture. This is an ideal product to motivate your child to improve his or her math skills. These quick, boredom-busting activities can be used in the classroom, after school, at home, and on trips to stimulate developing minds. Includes teaching suggestions and easy-to-follow directions. Just add your soon-to-be math whiz and crayons! Series includes three titles for Grades 1-3.

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Vocabulary Smarts builds children's vocabulary and knowledge of high-frequency words by teaching them the meanings and usage variations between high-frequency words. Children use mini dictionaries to identify word meanings, then classify relationships between words, and finally write original sentences using the words in context. These books develop stronger reading, writing, spelling, comprehension, and dictionary skills. Series includes three titles for Grades 2-7.

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1069 Broadway Ave.
Seaside, CA 93955
Ph: 800-458-4849
Fax: 831-393-3277

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