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Rocketbal (also known as Launchball)
Rocketbal (also known as Launchball)

MSRP: $8.95
Gender: Boys And Girls
Age: 9 and Up

Special: Buy 3 and get ONE free!

Rocketbal, the toy, is a fun, 2-1/8 inch slingshot-action playball that combines a firm rubber ball with lively surgical tubing. It is a good size for all ages and activities. The ball launches up to 150 feet. Great for individual and team sports… Rocketbal is used in physical education classes in schools across the US and Canada.

“LaunchBall is one of the most innovative ways I have found to engage students of all ages in a sending and receiving activity. It is inexpensive, adaptable, durable and high motivational.”

Bud Turner, K-12 Pedagogy
Seattle Pacific University

Made in the USA . Patent # 4867451
FlyBall, The Coach's Friend
FlyBall, The Coach's Friend

MSRP: $9.95
Gender: Boys And Girls
Age: 7 and Up

Special: Buy 3 and get ONE free!

The latest spin-off from Rocketbal is the FlyBall. It looks like a baseball and kids love to play catch with it. Little league coaches can launch 150 foot fly balls without using a bat. Beginners are not afraid to catch fly balls with this rubber baseball.

A coach or teacher with a bucket of Slingshot-Action FlyBalls can keep kids busy all day by accurately launching fly balls ... rapid fire ... without using a fungo bat. Humm Babe.

“I highly recommend the FlyBall for any youth program. It is an incredible tool that should be in any player’s training bag. It is great for improving the Big 5 potential, and in particular hand-eye coordination.”

Gary Hatch -- Director, Grand Slam Baseball Camp
Bellingham, Washington

Made in the USA . Patent # 4867451

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Proball, Inc. is a small family owned business. The Rocketbal and Flyball are manufactured in Bellingham, Washington.


Wholesale pricing and quantities are listed on the website. Contact us by phone or e-mail to receive your retailer password.

4256 Curtis Road
Bellingham, WA 98225
(800) 456-7763

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