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Old Century Dread Pirate

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Category:General Games

Rich in detail, history and good ol’ fashioned fun, Old Century Dread Pirate is a slice of adventure gaming for the entire family. Created by Front Porch Classics, a manufacturer of “Coffee Table Games,” Old Century Dread Pirate comes in an a cool authentic wooden treasure chest and is played on an illustrated and “aged” treasure map with cast metal playing pieces, replica doubloons, knuckle bones (dice), treasure bags and pirate treasure. The game was recently bestowed the Toy of the Year Award (T.O.T.Y) by Family Fun Magazine for the second year.

TDmonthly Review:

In Dread Pirate, Front Porch Classics newest release for the 2003 Holiday season, players move cast-metal playing pieces, roll knuckle bones (dice), vie for doubloons and jewels and move around on an aged map as they savor the pirate’s life.

After opening up a wooden chest and unfurling a detailed treasure map, players are launched into the wonderfully imaginative world of marauding outlaws and hidden booty.

Dread Pirate comes housed in an authentic wooden treasure chest, and with its characteristic dedication to pre-electronic gaming experience, Front Porch leaves no stone uncovered in creating an authentic and wondrous playing experience for younger players as well as their parents.

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 1625      (added 12/7/2004)

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