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For the group that likes to have some competitive fun. Mashoonga!® Sabers by Revel King are new and unique sport toys for playing the new game of Mashoonga!. These are quality made products that will hold up to the intended abuse they will get. So, revel on!

Featured in:Holiday Preview - Sporting Goods (7/1/2009)
Mashoonga! Creates New Sport for Teens and Tweens (5/1/2009)

TDmonthly Review:

What It Is: Created for playing the game of Mashoonga! with the goal of becoming a Mashoonga! Warrior™, these sabers consist of firm foam material covered with a stretchy, removable red or blue fabric, plus a sturdy handle. The life-sized “swords” are designed for battle.

What We Thought:
The office staff had a total blast with the sabers, both in free-for-alls in the parking lot and in more structured, fencing-style contests in the hallway. In many cases, we couldn’t stop laughing as we watched each other develop distinctive maneuvers and strategies for battle. The foam surrounding the sword´s inner base helps prevent most bodily injuries, assuming the person dealing the damage is not swinging to hit a home run and not directing it at a person´s head. If strength is restricted to a reasonably safe level, duelists can still battle each other with enough force that one would feel they are in a real sparring match. It is important that children and teens (and adults!) heed the warning label, and avoid direct hits to the head, eyes or groin. The only gripe about the Mashoonga! saber is its weight, which falls on the length of the foam blade, requiring unnecessary expenditure of energy to hold it up. The weight also affects movement — if the weight was primarily in the hilt, it would make for better balance.

Why They’ll Want It: It´s a fun toy for pretend play as one can easily imagine himself as a sword master cutting away at the bad guys or at an opponent, without the worry of hurting people or furniture in the process. I remember fighting my friends with sticks and plastic swords for hours on end when I was young, and Mashoonga! is a terrific modern alternative. Parents may appreciate that it keeps children active; you can get a decent cardio workout while playing, with a low risk of injury. — TDmonthly Staff, 7-10-09

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