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Ricky Is Brave by Guido van Genechten

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MSRP: $16.95
Age Range: 4 and up
Gender: Boys And Girls

It is too hot to sleep indoors, and Ricky wants to sleep outside, in a tent. His parents ask if he is brave enough, and Ricky says "I'm not afraid at all!" But is he really brave enough? This hardcover book follows Ricky on his adventure sleeping outside for the first time. He busies himself with fun activities, but when his flashlight batteries die, he begins to second guess himself. This reassuring story has a silly ending that emphasizes the bond between parent and child, and encourages children to face their fears.

TDmonthly Review:

This picture book follows Ricky on his first outdoor sleeping adventure. The summer has been unusually hot, so Ricky asks his parents if he can sleep in a tent outside. He has fun with his newfound independence, and the ultimate message is that no matter what obstacles a child may face while trying new things, their caregivers will always be there for support.

Enchanting illustrations and a thought-provoking story make this reassuring book an ideal read for preschoolers. The pictures in the book evoke a truly hot summer day, from Ricky eating a sweet carrot ice cream cone while dangling his feet in the water where his friends are swimming, to Dad lounging in the hammock with some light reading. The illustrations are rich and painted with lots of texture. The story itself is full of charming details. For instance, Ricky sneaks a treat of sweet carrots into his tent to eat before he goes to sleep...which he later uses to plug his ears against the unfamiliar noises coming from outside of his tent. The ending of the book is really charming, with Ricky´s mom and dad joining him in the tent so they can all sleep more soundly. The book sends a positive message that even when a child sets off to do something "alone" for the first time, they can always count on their parents to be there if something goes awry.

The rich illustrations and relatable main character, Ricky, would make this a great addition to any child´s bookshelf. For ages 4 and up, the story is reassuring to kids who are feeling ready to try new things, but nervous at the same time.

Justina Huddleston

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