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We’ve developed an exciting new type of rocket to stir up the exuberance of young rocketeers. They’re look exactly like drinking straws because they are with a soft tip added to soften landings. The sleek aerodynamic shape and feather weight help them speed through air with amazing velocity, and up to 50 feet away! Powered by a hand-activated air pump, our STRAW FLYERZ™ comes with 10 different connectors that attach to the launching base. Each connector allows kids to choose how many rockets launch at a time (one, two, or three), and in what direction they fly (between horizontal and vertical). Comes with 4 STRAW FLYERZ™ (rockets), 10 connectors, 8 flexible straw, hand pump and 4 soft tips. All in all, it adds up to hours and hours of absorbing fun as kids duel to see who can send their rockets the farthest, and hit designated targets.

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 36609      (added 3/4/2014)

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