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Specialty: Yes (as of 2014)
Gender: Boys And Girls

Pet pods are a 4 inch stuffed animal that has a back that opens up to reveal a set of ear buds inside. The Pet pods where designed to solve a nagging problem for parents across the world. How do I get my children to stop losing their ear buds? The pet pods have a small chain and clasp for attaching them to back packs or purses. Each pet pod also has an educational component to them. At the bottom of the pet pod is a QR code that when scanned goes to a educational site about that animal. Once at this site the user can also register their pet pod on the virtual forest. This is a Social site designed to allow the user to post pictures of their pets, name them and also receive outdoor related content. With this site we can help inspire children to get more involved with the outdoors using technology to our advantage!

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 36630      (added 3/7/2014)

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