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Yoga by Betwixt

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MSRP: $19.95
Age Range: 8 to 15
Category:Videos & DVDs

Kids can follow along as Marli, Chelsea and Sarah do 30-minute and 15-minute Yoga workouts. The "Yoga Dictionary" DVD section can help them quickly learn all the basic Yoga poses. Interesting exercise and nutrition facts compare teen´s perceptions of health facts with reality.

TDmonthly Review:

What Is It?
This DVD is designed to teach kids the basics of Yoga as well as good nutrition and fitness. Kids follow three tween/teen girls and a teen girl narrator through the basic Yoga poses, punctuated by cute pop-ups, such as “I hope nobody sees me doing this” and “This makes me feel like super-girl.” The DVD includes a brief introduction to the history of Yoga, 30 minutes of standing poses, 15 minutes of sitting poses, Teen Talk interviews, healthy lifestyle information and free On-Line Resources.

What We Thought
The workout was more thorough than some Yoga videos meant for adults, and provided a good introduction to basic Yoga poses. The girls in the video are real girls and not pro athletes, which should make kids feel as though they can do the poses, too. The narrator explains the poses and reminds the viewers to keep breathing, just like a real Yoga instructor. Pop ups show the name of each pose, so kids can remember them. The sections on nutrition are also basic, but are a good way to get kids thinking about what kind of lifestyles they’re going to choose for themselves.

Why They’ll Want It

Kids love to watch other kids. Listening to a teen narrator and watching the girls do the poses will make kids feel that Yoga can be a part of their lives without becoming a geek or a super athlete. Since the DVD is divided into sections, kids can choose to do either the sitting poses or the standing poses separately or, if they have enough time, do them both together as a long and thorough workout. The Teen Interviews may inspire them to ask their own friends similar questions, and come up with answers that will help them integrate nutritious food and exercise into their daily lives.
-- Alison Marek, 12/2/05

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 3855      (added 6/29/2005)

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