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Integrating the standard MAGZ bar with an innovative magnet-infused plate design, the new WEBZ is a construction piece that enables models of versatility and beauty. True to its name, WEBZ is a webbed bar with four different types of "arms." Each package contains regular straight bars, 3-armed, 4-armed, and 5-armed plates that allow builders to have much more flexibility with curves, angles, and overall structure stability. Each piece is crafted in transparent jewel-tones, the "webbed" design giving the pieces visual appeal as well as tactile. The contrast between the smooth and brushed surfaces of each WEBZ piece makes it as addictive to build with as to handle. WEBZ makes it possible to construct filled structures, making structures seem bigger, fuller & more realistic. WEBZ comes in 54- and 108- piece set.

TDmonthly Review:

What is it?
Webz consists of transparent colored stars, bars and square plates with magnetized ends that attach to silver-toned magnetic connecting balls. Builders can create spheres or towers. The pieces are small, ranging from approximately ½ inch for the balls and 2 inches for the largest plate. Colors are candy bright and the textures of the pieces vary from smooth to brushed. The Webz sets are also compatible with Magz and Skrooz.

What We Thought
The finished constructions are really pretty. The difference in texture between the pieces makes it appealing. It would definitely take a little time to make some of the creations on the box. The pieces will easily get lost, and the balls will probably roll under the furniture or get stuck underneath the sofa cushions. But it’s easy to make even a simple construction. Even if the kid (or reviewer) has no particular shape in mind, the finished construction is pleasant to look at owing to the contrast in textures, shapes and colors.

Why They’ll Want It
Well, everyone else has it, so… Anyone who’s into construction toys will want this, especially if they already have Magz. Kids will enjoy the physical sensation of the magnets attracting and repelling each other, as they have for generations. But now they can build really colorful, cool-looking creations, too. They’ll probably leave them assembled when not playing with them, because the magnetic attraction is strong enough so that the pieces can be moved without the whole thing collapsing. Definitely more fun than blocks. Tiny kids might be intimated by all the various pieces and frustrated by not being able to make all the connections they might like to make, owing to magnetic repulsion, but bigger kids will have fun challenging their own building skills. Adults will probably grab these, too.

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-- Alison Marek, 7/26/05

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 630      (added 9/1/2004)

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