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MSRP: $18.99
Age Range: 3 and up
Gender: Boys And Girls

Nature-loving Ooshes from the delightful children’s book series “The Little Stories of Manoosh and Baloosh” are now brought to life. These 18” huggable plush toys, with velboa exterior, squeezable polyester fill and plastic pellets, have posable arms and legs. The Ooshes plush toys starring: Manoosh - the pea, Bluey - the snowball, Folio - the leaf, Miss Ladybug and introducing five new Stellas – “The Wishing Doll” - inspire children to love and explore nature. The Ooshes Stella comes in 5 appealing candy colors, each with its own special personality and biography. The plush toys are being marketed with a colorful 24 page story book The Ooshes a Wish Comes True which tells the story of Stella’s magical journey to earth. For just $23.99, the plush Ooshes will also come in a boxed Christmas set with a book.

Featured in:Plush (1/1/2005)

TDmonthly Review:

What is It?
The Ooshes
are a new line of plush toys by Lavinia’s World (ToyShow) that come included with a new series of modern fairy tales by the same name. The dolls come in five appealing candy colors – orange, green, pink, yellow and purple – and each has its own special personality and biography.

What We Thought
The velboa exterior, squeezable polyester fill and plastic pellets give The Ooshes a level of softness and warmth rarely seen in plush dolls. The correspondence of color to personality gives each doll a unique image and identity that children can relate to, and the included storybook is a great way to encourage literacy.

Why They’ll Want It
Lavinia’s World has created a product that combines an important ecological and educational message in a soft, lovable and high quality toy at a below average retail price.

- Andrew Robinton 4/4/05

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 689      (added 12/3/2004)

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