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Runebound Midnight

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Gender: Boys And Girls
Category:Board Games

In this Runebound expansion, the hero players must join forces to try to stop the rise to power of one of the Night Kings of the dark god Izrador. Best of all, the Night King is not merely a game mechanic, it is another player. The Night King player can affect the outcomes of battles, send Challenges across the board to hunt down the heroes and manipulate environmental effects. The heroes must infiltrate the Night King's strongholds and destroy his black mirrors, the source of Izrador's power. Meanwhile, each time a hero must escape or is knocked out. There is a chance that the threat level will rise. When the threat level reaches 10, the Night King unleashes all of his forces on Eredane, wiping out the heroes and any who stand in his way!
— Runebound is one of the best selling fantasy games at Gamescape in San Francisco, said its manager, Eric.
— “Fantasy Flight Games is really high end,” commented Van Wilson, a manager at Phillips’ Toy Mart in Nashville. Runebound is a good seller, he added.
— Reviewers on gave Runebound 4 or 5 stars out of 5 for both style and substance, as of April 21, 2006.

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 7204      (added 3/10/2006)

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