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LocaSmarts, LLC is a child centered company whose primary goal is to create fun products that promote positive interactions between children. Our mission is to provide positive, life-enriching materials designed to encourage young girls to engage in creative activities.

Our first product line is a new innovation of an old favorite. The U GO GRL Activity Trading Cards are inspired by and for Tween Girls and are designed to encourage girls to take action! The U GO GRL Activity Collectible Trading Cards are fun, action oriented, and jam-packed with activities, tips, and suggestions any GRL will GO for.


U GO GRL Activity Collectible Trading Cards
Go Primp Collectible Tin
U GO GRL Activity Collectible Trading Cards feature 24 realistic girls engaging in 6 categories of real life fun. 150 cards, sold in packs of 8, include a sticker or tattoo in every pack. The cards inspire Tweens to try new things by encouraging them to award themselves coins for completing various tasks that are fun, creative, informative and action oriented. Girls can collect all 6 cards for each character or all 25 in each category as the search for the secret pass codes that unlock the VIP pages at Suggested Retail Price $3.49.
The Go Primp Collectible Tin is the first in a series of 6 coordinating tins that encourage girls to collect all the cards in each category. The Go Primp Tin contains one pack of cards, a limited edition collector’s coin, and a CD single of "True Believer" by the new tween sensation, Savvy. Suggested Retail Price $14.99.
GoActive, GoCreate, GoBasic
GoFigure, GoMingle, GoPrimp

150 Cards Divided into 6 Collectible Go Categories that girls relate to:

  • Go Active, athletics and physical activities;
  • Go Basic, life skills and general information;
  • Go Create, creative and artistic expression;
  • Go Figure, brain teasers and games;
  • Go Mingle, family and social interactions;
  • Go Primp, grooming and personal style.

  • Multiple Levels of Collectible Chase Cards
  • Stickers or Tattos IN EVERY PACK!
  • A turbo-charged wesite where girls can gain access to password protected pages - if they have the right cards... taking the chase into the website!
  • Staggered Release of Coordinating Collectible Category Tins

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