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Summit Products began operations in 1995, and debuted a concept conceived to help teach children money management skills. This first product was born out of a frustration that children may not appreciate the value of a dollar and eventually spawned other toy concepts, which became the foundation of the company.

Through the years, we have developed 12 brands and our design team has created over 400 unique products that span several different categories in the store. Among these brands are Youniverse, Backyard Safari, Boom Blaster, Zillionz, Spray Racer, Barrel Blaster, Nickelodeon, Spider-Man 3, Hidden Gems, Moto Headz, Beverly Hills Puppy Club and Garden Girlz. We sell to approximately 20 different countries and our products are packaged in 22 languages!

Land and Water Mega View Periscope
ZILLIONZ Sort and Dispense Smart Bank
This full-view periscope allows stealth viewing over boulders, high brushes, backyard fences, and around corners. Three rugged, light-weight sections telescope for a reach over 4 feet high to let you see all those out-of-reach views. Flip the Mega View Periscope upside down and a full 16 inches is submersible for underwater viewing – on docks, poolside, lakes or beaches.

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The SMART BANK is loaded with functions that no other coin bank has. First, it knows the value of each coin you drop in and adds it to your total shown in the LCD display. Second, it sorts each coin by denomination. Next, line up the slot and dispense the coin - it subtracts from the balance! The final feature is our very own BALANCE GUARD. It saves your balance even when changing batteries. All together, this is one smart bank.

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2160 Highland Avenue South, PO Box 55806
Birmingham, AL 35205
Ph: 205-588-8600
Fax: 205-588-8616

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