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The Bear Mill offers many avenues for the stuff-your-own teddy bear market. As experienced wholesalers we have also branched out into the ever popular 18 inch doll industry providing quality doll clothing and accessories for the Serendipity Doll Collection. Additionally, by popular request we now wholesale Dog Apparel and accessories under our Dog N Togs brand. previously Fiber Products Northwest, manufactures and designs all American made teddy bear stuffing machines at our manufacturing facility in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We offer inline and portable stuffing machines in a wide variety of themes or can accommodate your custom design.

Our development team has spent years perfecting our operating system to bring to our customers a flawless worry free machine. This incredible technology guarantees that our machinery will never clog or restrict the flow of fiber. To protect not only the operator, but customers in the store, our machines not only complies with, but exceed safety standards as set forth by OSHA regulations. All of these quality features make our stuffing machines friendly in all environments.

Charlie Choo Choo Train Bear Stuffing Machine
KITS Machine
Great care is taken in the construction of every stuffing machine. As The Bear Mill products are shipped worldwide, every safety precaution has been taken and every machine custom built with pride and CE certified components. Not only have we ensured the stuffing machine is safe to operate in the presence of children, it is safe enough for a child to operate in the presence of a store owner or employee! 

Additionally, we have had the noise levels of our machines tested and have confirmed that our stuffing machines operate at safe noise levels (OSHA Regulation 1910). The test has confirmed that the machine noise levels are not only safe for the customers in the store, but also safe for the store owner or employee who might be near or running the machine for 8 hours a day or longer
Serendipity Doll Clothing Collection
15" plush Two Tone Brown Traditional Bear
The Serendipity Doll Clothing Collection is a collection of apparel accessories for dressing up 18" dolls. Accessories include daytime and party dresses, casual and sporting outfits, and shoes.
This is one of the many skins available from The Bear Mill along with a vast assortment of accessories and outfits that can be interchanged to decorate and customize every stuffed animal created.
7704 Aqua Circle, Suite C and B
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815
Ph: 208-762-1031
Fax: 208-762-2723
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