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Are you looking for a product that provides year round sales and is not sold in major retail outlets?
From the moment you open the box, STIKFAS™ Action Figures provide hours of creative fun for kids and adults alike. There are over 50 different themed kits in the current line-up, and with each kit being inter-changeable, the possibilities to create your own character is restricted only by your imagination.

The highly poseable design make STIKFAS™ totally addictive as you try out new poses - even break dancing on one hand. Many take STIKFAS™ a step further by customizing the figures and creating amazing works of art, making STIKFAS™ an ideal fit for toy, hobby, craft and art supply retailers alike.

If you are a retailer in North America and want to add STIKFAS™ to your store, then contact SaiZon – the official North American Importer and Distributor – today. With no minimum order required and split case purchasing available, SaiZon provides the smallest of retailers the ability to offer a wide range of products with minimum expense.

For more information on ordering STIKFAS™ in North America, please email us at or you can call us directly at 1 514 384 6574.

We look forward to serving you in the near future.

Pre-Assembled Stikfas
Mbear Series 1 Action Figure
Introducing the new line of pre-assembled STIKFAS™ action figure theme packs.  The new pre-assembled line of figures are fully interchangeable with the standard STIKFAS™ Action Figure Kits and are a great entry product to the ever growing STIKFAS™ line-up of products.

STIKFAS™ Action Figure Kits - allow enthusiasts and collectors of all ages to express their individual personality and interests through posing and customizing. Armed with incredible interchangeability and poseability, STIKFAS™ action figures are leading the way in a whole new toy revolution. STIKFAS™ combines creativity and playability, and is an open medium for children, toy collectors and hobbyists alike.

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MBears are not only cute but with their detachable shades these have to be the coolest bears in town. Series 1 features 4 colors to collect (pink, blue, green and tan). Each MBear has 5 points of articulation and come with Stiker sheets.

Watch the Mbear Series 1 Action Figure Video Watch Video Now

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CUBOYDS Series 3
Cool Rockets
Pre-assembled cubic figures that feature 14 points of articulation that can be posed, interchanged and customized. Each piece is interchangeable with Stikfas Action Figure Kits providing extended play possibilities. Series 3 features 4 retro robot designs.

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SaiZon is now also proud to be distributing the highly detailed and crafted line of retro styled Cool Rockets that make superb display pieces for young and old. Cool Rockets offer a unique collection that is handmade, unique, and more affordable than you’d think. All 11 designs are original inspirations of an era, not copies of some vehicle you’ve seen in a movie or TV show.

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1367 William Street
Montreal, QC H3C 1R4

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