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MarBan Industries, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes innovative games and activities. Sentence Says™ was the first product introduced by MarBan™ in May, 2004. It has since won numerous awards and quickly became a top seller at retail stores across the USA and Canada. MarBan's line has recently expanded to include: Instructures™ and Sentence Says™ Dice Edition. See the hottest games for 2006 at Toy Fair in MarBan's booth at the Javits Center - Game Zone booth #6066!

Sentence Says
Sentence Says™ is a challenging, quick-thinking sentence game in which players create sentences from letter cards. For the letters: M, D, I, R, V and C, one could create the sentence "My Dog Is Really Very Cute" or thousands of other possible sentences. Action cards drawn before each turn give an instruction to creating a sentence, such as: "create a sentence with a musical instrument in it" or "create a sentence containing something sweet." Wacky sentences are bound to come out when players attempt to beat the timer! Opponents judge a winning sentence and can steal it and your points if you're not careful! Ages 7 and up, 2 - 6 players or teams.
Instructures™ is an exciting new family/party game. 2 teams race against each other to be the first to build a structure with building blocks, but only their “Foremen” get to see the blueprint. Good verbal communication is the key to winning! The game board is full of wacky challenges such as: silent foreman, memory challenge, blind foreman and a timed challenge. Includes: 38 wooden building blocks, Game board, Blueprint cards, Die, Timer and Playing pieces! Ages 8 and up, 4 or more players.
Sentence Says Dice Edition
Sentence Says™ Dice Edition is hilarious fun for the entire family to play at home or on the road! Draw an action card and read the sentence instruction. Now roll the letter dice to see what letters you will get to create your sentence. Hurry, the timer's running out! What will your sentence say? For the letters: F, L, S, I and P, how about "Frogs Like Singing In Ponds?" Opponents judge a winning sentence and can steal it if you're not careful! Includes: 4 Consonant dice, 2 Vowel dice, 1 DANGER die, 1 Steal die, 40 Action cards and Dice cup. Ages 7 and up, 2 - 4 players.
2633 Lincoln Blvd. #258
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Ph: 310-827-4546
Fax: 310-437-4300
Alt Phone: 800-959-8611
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