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Noah’s Pals™ animal figures are the only collectible animal line built to scale. As the premier collection from Caboodle! Toys LLC, Noah’s Pals™ has been designed for the collector from the start. From the miniature jackrabbits and skunks to the large elephants and giraffes, the 1:24 scale of Noah’s Pals™ creates a truly cohesive menagerie of animals. Sold in pairs, each package includes an instructive ID Card containing scientific data and a unique ID Code.

Collectors are encouraged to register their Pals online at, an impressive and interactive website highlighted by informative animal background stories, a fun Noah's Ark game, and a download center featuring a free coloring book. Collectors earn the Caboodle!™, an exclusive reward, upon registering the first series of Pals. Noah's Pals™ is an enjoyable and educational collection that's perfect for children and adults.

Noah’s Pals™ was introduced at the American International TOY FAIR® in February 2007 and is quickly becoming popular across the United States and Canada. To share this great line with your customers, please call us today at 866-CABOODLE.

Caboodle! Toys is a member of TIA and ASTRA.

NOAH with the Doves
Ages 3+
SRP $5.00

As the original collector, Noah knows all about collecting animals.

Noah figures are sold to retailers in an “Eight Pack.” Designed to 1:24 scale, Noah stands 3” tall. Noah’s bearded face is welcoming and cheerful, and he has warm, gleaming eyes. He proudly holds his walking staff and wears a blue robe.

Each Noah figure comes with Derek + Delilah DOVE – adorable miniatures each measuring less than 1” in length. Also included is the Dove’s ID Card.

Ages 3+
SRP $2.50 to $20

All Pals are sold in male/female pairs. Each box of Noah’s Pals includes an ID Card that contains educational facts verified by the Wildlife Conservation Society.* Noah’s Pals are built to a 1:24 scale with unique names and personalities. You can meet all of the Pals by visiting

One bundle of 100 Noah’s Pals includes:
- 1 of each of the 5 ENDANGERED Pals (5 total)
- 2 of each of the 10 VULNERABLE Pals (20 total)
- 3 of each of the 25 COMMON Pals (75 total)

Due to anticipated demand, we are unable to individually sell limited edition Noah’s Pals. Customized orders for COMMON pals are permitted.

* We donate 5% of our net profits to the Wildlife Conservation Society.
Caboodle! Toys LLC
Ages 3+
SRP $45.00

The sleek and beautiful Ark is made with much love and devotion. Crafted from vinyl, the spacious 10” tall, 10” wide, and 20” long Ark snugly holds all forty pairs of Pals, Noah, and the Doves.

The entire menagerie can ride on their many journeys while resting inside the Ark or while relaxing on deck. The Ark’s upper cabin has five windows for the Pals’ viewing pleasure. The lower cabin is equipped with portholes and a plank for the Pals’ easy ingress and egress.

Sold with a hang tag and a stylish carrying pouch.

Place your order for Noah’s Pals today by calling us at 866-CABOODLE.

You can also visit our online site exclusively for distribution partners:

Caboodle! Toys LLC is a proud member of the TIA and ASTRA.
Caboodle! Toys LLC (Noah's Pals)
1140 Broadway, Suite 907
New York, NY 10001
Fax: 646-224-5712
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