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Keep Your Little Monster Cozy: Cold Weather Halloween Costumes let Trick-or-Treaters Enjoy the Night.
By Janie Franz

February 1, 2003

Alligator Costume from Petables

Let’s face it: most Halloween costumes aren’t made to last beyond the dawn. Their flimsiness, especially in Northern climates where children trick-or-treat in temperatures near freezing, can bring down even the most spirited young ghoul. Kids often have to wear coats or heavy sweaters to keep warm, leaving only a mask or face paint visible, unless they attend an indoor Halloween party. But who wants to do that? Halloween is about leaves crunching under your feet, moonlit graveyards and shadows moving out of the corner of the eye.

Lady Bug Costume from Petables

Recently, a new line of Halloween costumes geared toward keeping children warm and toasty as they walk amongst the night’s spirits has swept the market. These plush costumes are more like Halloween outerwear, available in a parade of animal and character coats, vests, and full-body suits—with or without feet. All of these costumes are equipped with hoods that keep the ears warm and don’t obstruct the child’s vision.

Petables, distributed by Celebration Halloween, offers a complete line of plush Halloween costumes for infants, toddlers, and young children. They’ve taken the bunny-eared baby bunting a step farther and created imaginative costumes in a variety of animals and an array of holiday themes (pumpkins, Santas, snowmen, and even a Christmas tree). They offer an alligator costume with legs and tail, a bumble bee, a lady bug, and many more.


Writer's Bio: The mother of two grown children (an artist and a musician), writer Janie Franz once was a radio announcer and did booking for a rock band.


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Keep Your Little Monster Cozy

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