Automoblox Zooms into the Toy Market
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August 2003 | Vol. II - No. 8

August 2003 | Vol. II - No. 8 TDmonthly SEARCH

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Automoblox Zooms into the Toy Market


While studying product design at Carnegie Mellon University, Patrick Calello came up with an idea to create an educational toy that might inspire auto designers of the future. Although Calello was a student of product design, prior to going to the university, he was unaware that a major teaching automobile design existed. He came up with strategy for introducing children, at an early age, to the wonderful world of industrial design. Using the traditional system of building blocks, Automoblox (ToyShow Preview), are designed to provide children with a framework to create their own vehicles.

Automoblox, modular wooden cars with interchangeable parts, has created a strong buzz in the toy industry even before parking the first car on store shelves. These sleek, wooden cars have managed to merge traditional toy materials with the high end style of industrial design. Interchangeable wooden pieces fit together to form aesthetically pleasing vehicles, enabling children to conceptualize in a 3-dimensional manner.

By creating an open-ended platform to nurture creativity and problem solving, the Automoblox system is meant to grow and evolve with the child's imagination and skills.

"The idea is to inspire the next generation of engineers and car enthusiasts," says Calello.

The company is currently preparing production samples to ship by the end of the 3rd quarter and is aiming to get the product on store shelves by the Holiday season. Suggested retail price will range from $26.00 - $29.00 depending on the model.



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