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VlogBox announces partnership with Digital Television Russia to work on channels for 8 kids' cartoon

DOVER, Del., Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On the road to the development of the kids' content segment in the OTT ecosystem, VlogBox has recently announced its partnership with Digital Television Russia (DTR), the largest media company on the Russian pay TV market with a 27.5% market share.

Under this collaboration, VlogBox will be working on seven CTV channels featuring the childrens' programs Be-Be-Bears, Fantasy Patrol, Heroes of Envell, Cutie Cubies, Woodventures. Magic Lantern, and Paper Tales as well as a separate Rainbow Ride channel, covering several series in one. This will involve channel development for Roku content management and distribution, video monetization, PR and marketing support as well as analytics and reporting.

"It's always a pleasure to work with a team of gifted creators, especially when it comes to quality content for children. DTR is a bit different from our usual customers as they are already aware that CTV/OTT is an unstoppable marketplace, so it feels like we're on the same wavelength," says Nick Platonenko, CEO at VlogBox.

Digital Television Russia was searching for possible content extension through basic TV streaming services and decided to create separate branded channels for each of the series, one own aggregator for 3 series, as well as joining Yeet!Kids TV, a channel uniting the best videos among the VlogBox mediahouse.

"We're constantly working on enhancing our brands, and we're happy to start a partnership with VlogBox, specifically in terms of the Roku ecosystem. We truly believe that our kids' series can win viewers' hearts and show fantastic results," says Victoria Bolotova, Head of Media International Sales.

On its side, VlogBox always opens its doors to quality and creativity, and it's only a matter of time, when more and more YouTubers, studios and distribution companies will choose OTT/CTV space as an obligatory presence channel.

"We are proud to extend our kids' library with channels like DTR's and hope to meet their expectations in terms of all agreement points. Let's unite more children and their families in front of the attention-grabbing videos," adds Platonenko.

About Vlogbox

VlogBox is a global video content distribution and monetization platform helping animation studios, movie content companies, and independent video content creators reach their audiences across the OTT/CTV environment. With over 800 live CTV apps and channels under their belt, VlogBox allows video creators to reach audiences across top CTV streaming platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. From hosting, encoding, and video content streaming to custom app development, as well as efficient monetization and advertising, VlogBox provides fully-fledged content distribution services.

About DTR

DTR is the largest media company on the Russian pay TV market, which includes production, service and infrastructure companies engaged in creating, distributing and monetizing content and TV channels. Their 19 different channels feature educational and children's programming, drama, and documentaries. In addition, their programming spans 10 different languages and reaches over 100 countries. DTR also has a branded OTT platform, mobile apps and games, YouTube channels, VR, theatrical distribution, toy stores, festivals, and a production studio.



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