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MSRP: $55.00
Age Range: 10 and up
Made in: Germany
SKU or Item #: SRI7767
Launch Date: January 2011
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category:Board Games
General Games

A team of vampire hunters, with its leader Doctor Van Helsing, prepare for a fierce fight with Count Dracula. Explore Dracula's castle to find the equipment necessary to properly outfit the team. Watch each other's backs and beware Dracula; he is able to disappear and appear suddenly. Should he catch you unawares, he can turn you into a vampire and have you join his side. Van Helsing is the latest release from Frederic Moyersoen, designer of Nuns on the Run and Bacchus' Banquet. In Van Helsing one player plays Dracula, moving through his castle searching for his brides. The other players play Van Helsing and his associates. They move through the castle trying to avoid being bitten and searching for weapons and equipment that will help them defeat Dracula. Players bitten by Dracula become his minions and try to help him catch the other players (so no players are ever out of the game). Will Van Helsing and his brave team of vampire hunters stop Dracula before he can return his brides to his coffin or will them become his minions?

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 31401      (added 12/29/2010)

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