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Yesteryears Star Horse

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MSRP: $15
Age Range: 2 to 6
Gender: Boys And Girls
Category:Pretend Play

Mary Meyer Yesteryear Stickhorses feature a new retro styling reminiscent of the last century. The stick horses are 33" long and are made with soft, washable fabrics. Mary Meyer stick horses were chosen by the Toy Industry Association as one of the "Toys of the Century." In 1963, Mary Meyer´s son Walter, made a "stick horse" for his two-year-old son Steven, who liked to spend many hours each day dressed up as a cowboy. When Walter saw how much Steven enjoyed playing with the toy horse, he made stick horses for his other five children. Stick Horses were introduced into the Mary Meyer product line the following year.

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TDmonthly Review:

What is it?
A stick horse with a retro design, he’s 33 inches long and made with a plastic riding stick fitted with a blue plush head. His eyes are embroidered, his face emblazoned with blue stars. He wears a bridle with a carrying loop so kids can teach him to “whoa!”  His mane is made of dark blue plush. His nostrils and mouth are black appliqués.

What We Thought
He’s a perfect classic gift for a grandparent who wants to be sure the next generation knows something about the Pony Express. Kids have the freedom to interact however they want with this little steed, traveling across the continents or all the way to Mars. Little kids might be surprised to learn that horses were yesterday’s cars. Slightly bigger kids will probably just grab their cowboy or cowgirl hat and ride away.

Why They’ll Want It
 Parents and grandparents will want this because it hearkens back to the days when kids were allowed to use their own imaginations when they played, rather than have the storyline spelled out for them in a video. Kids will love the soft colors and the plush, squishy head. And they’ll have their first taste of independence as they go galloping off into the future on this old-fashioned stick horse.
-- Alison Marek, 8/9/05

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 4126      (added 8/9/2005)

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