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Owl Puke: The Book

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MSRP: $14.95
Age Range: 8 and up
Gender: Boys
Category:Science & Nature

Owl Puke: The Book, by Jane Hammerslough, is a kit that contains everything kids need to learn about the wonderful world of owl puke. Owls eat small rodents and then throw-up the indigestible parts in a fuzzy pellet. With the guidebook in hand, kids can inspect the professionally collected and heat-sterilized pellet for the bones of the animals that the owl has eaten. A plastic sorting tray is also included. It’s a great science experiment and very gross.
— Kathy Uhtoff, co-founder of the Northwest Nature Shop in Ashland, Ore., thought this book was “very creative. It’s educational, fun and disgusting. Kids like it, and even some university professors use it in their classes.”
— Seattle Audubon Society’s Nature Shop’s Chuck Wosselly (a volunteer at the store), said that “kids really go for the owl puke. Well, at least the boys. The girls are a little more squeamish.”

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 5225      (added 10/27/2005)

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