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Space Age Crystal Growing Kit - Citrine and Topaz
Space Age Crystals: Mini Series - Aquamarine
This 6-crystal kit grows two crystal clusters on rock, two gem-like single crystals, and two crystal geodes. Just dissolve the crystal growing chemicals in hot water, place a rock or geode cast with a diameter of up to 6" (15 cm) into the solution, and watch how crystals grow on it.

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Turn ordinary rocks into sparkling crystals treasures! Just dissolve the SPACE AGE CRYSTAL GROWING materials in hot water, place a rock into the solution and watch how fascinating crystals grow right before your eyes, up to 4 inch (10 cm) in diameter.

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Expedition: Giant Shark Tooth
Expedition to Mars
Sharks are one of the most successful species in the history of life. They inhabited the oceans of Earth for more than 450 million years. All modern sharks are dwarfed by CHARCHARODON MEGALODON, a gargantuan 50 ft. shark which existed 10-25 million years ago. Its teeth reached a length of up to 7" (21 cm). Excavate, restore and display an authentic 5" (13 cm) reproduction of such a giant MEGALODON tooth which was cast from an original. In addition, your excavations will yield a real 16 million year old shark tooth.

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Explore the Red Planet and one of its most enigmatic features: VALLES MARINERIS, the "Grand Canyon of Mars". This vast system of canyons stretches over 2,400 miles (4,000 km) around Mars, up to 435 miles (700 km) wide and 4.35 miles (7 km) deep. Explore its mysteries by building a 20"x13" 3D-model of VALLES MARINERIS. Assemble 8 actual NASA contour maps compiled by a Mars-orbiting spacecraft, and mount them in a full-color frame with close-up views of the Martian surface.

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9236 Cote-de-Liesse
Lachine, Quebec, Canada H8T 1A1
Ph: (514) 420-0040
Fax: (514) 420-0041

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