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Why You Need a TDmonthly Toy Video

Top-10 Ways That Videos Help You Sell Your Product

Find out HOW to get a TDmonthly video by scrolling down. Find out WHY you need one by reading what retailers and other vendors have to say:

1. Retailers Can SEE Before They Buy:

"The video reviews have been phenomenal for helping us understand how products work and how they are used and letting us get a idea of what a product is like without actually having to go to a show — or refreshing our memory from a show if we don't have specific notes on it. ..." (listen to Hans' full remarks in the video at right) — Hans Masing, owner of Tree Town Toys and Brain Station, Ann Arbor, Mich, 2009

"If I want to see what a certain product looks like, I can do a little search on it and click it and run it and see what it looks like. ”

— Terry Myers, owner of Kaleidoscope Toys, Round Rock, Texas, 2009

2. Videos Sell FOR You

"Last week, a sales representative contacted me to inquire about carrying our line. When I asked him how he had heard about our company hElvis by beeposhe told me that he had viewed our videos on and was impressed with the uniqueness of our product and the diversity of our line ...   It gave me great pleasure to know that people in the industry were watching it, finding it informative and contacting me as a result!" — Laurie Greenblatt, VP of sales, beeposh, inc., 2008 (See Laurie demonstrate her toy by clicking on the red arrow.)
Watch the Elvis Video

3. Videos Attract People to Your Product

"Thank you for filming our games at Pomona! I noticed (using the stats you provide us) that games with video get many more hits than those without! — Leah Osterhaus, VP of marketing, Out of the Box Publishing Inc.

4. Consumers LOVE Videos

"We constantly hear from consumers that they've seen the TDmonthly spots.” — Beau James, Corolle Dolls

5. Retailers Can Easily Teach Their Staff About YOUR Product

"We use the TOYDIRECTORY product videos as teaching tools for our staff. Not only do they show the features of the toys, but the benefits are touched on as well. The videos also allow us to preview toys that we may be interested in stocking in our store." — Jennifer Wyatt, manager, Totally Thomas' Toy Depot, San Diego, 2009

6. Retailers Use Videos to Sell Toys on Their Websites

Here's what they said when asked in January 2009 what features they'd like to add to improve their sites:

"Additional videos of products in action." —
Diana Nelson, owner, Kazoo & Co., Denver

"More videos of product demos" — Joe Berardoni, Pun's Toy Shop,  Bryn Mawr, Pa.

7. Toy Professionals NOTICE  New Videos

does an excellent job documenting the toy industry’s trends and highlighting new products with informative interviews that are enjoyable to watch. I always look forward to seeing the next set of videos." Kathleen McHugh American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) President, 2008

8. Videos Can Be Your PROXY

In addition to our short product demos, TDmonthly's video team can produce high-quality instructional videos that you can use to teach your retailers how to merchandise your products, as b. dazzle, inc. did.  We can even design a marketing plan that will maximize your video's utility.

9. For the quality you get, they're extremely low cost

"[TDmonthly's] email broadcasts, product reviews and video diaries — provide a cost-effective vehicle in promoting SaiZon and Stikfas products to many retailers we may not have otherwise approached." — Martin New, director of sales and channel marketing, Stikfas/SaiZon (ToyShow) 2007

10. Online videos are HOT!

Twenty-five billion online videos*
were viewed nationwide in the month of August 2009 alone!

How to Get a TDmonthly Toy or Instructional Video:


1. If you're going to a trade show, contact us to schedule an appointment for a video promotion package.

2. Between shows, or before the show to highlight your product to buyers who are researching on the web, send a sample to TDmonthly Magazine's Video Review Department (address below) along with a flat fee of just $495.00. How do we keep the cost so low**? Because we're toy professionals with our own studio, and you benefit from the volume of videos we create.

You get:
  • A 20- to 30-second TDmonthly Magazine video review, uploaded to our TDmonthly Toy Videos feature.
  • A logo link so you can link directly from your Website to your TDmonthly ToyTV demo. You can also share the logo/link with your customers for use on their Websites.
  • Your video attached to a searchable description of your product. Our 27,800 registered retailers will be able to watch your video whenever they read your product's description in TDmonthly Magazine articles or search features.
  • CALL us to book a video today


Instructional videHow a 5-MINUTE CHALLENGE® Trumps Challenging Timesos vary widely depending on the manufacturer's needs. You can view an example by watching the b. dazzle, inc. videos at left. Please contact us and ask for the Videography, for an initial consultation .

VIDEO REVIEWSVideo Review: Watch Kids Build a House
If you want your customers to know how children play with your toys, TDmonthly may be able to arrange a Video Review for you, too. See the one we shot for Zinkotek, right. Price will vary according to manufacturers' needs.


TDmonthly Magazine
®, Inc.®

12340 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 237
Los Angeles, CA 90025

* Source: comScore press release 9-29-09
* *Cost for independently produced 30- to 60-second videos can range from $2,000 to $10,000 and more.

TDmonthly reserves the right to add or delete videos, at its discretion.

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