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HEARBUILDER Online Foundational Literacy Program Builds Basic Skills in Young Students

Press Release:

With the onset of the COVID virus, millions of PreK to Grade 5 students across the U.S. may have fallen critically behind in the basic skills they need to become good readers and be successful in school. Now more than ever, parents, educators and specialists are focused on helping their young students make up for lost learning time. The HearBuilder online, research-based, foundational literacy program provides an excellent way for students to build their early educational and literacy skills.

HearBuilder is the only online researched-based foundational literacy program in the country that addresses the four essential pre-literacy skills:


·        Following Directions with Basic Concepts

·        Sequencing

·        Auditory/Listening Memory and Comprehension

·        Phonological/Sound Awareness

It is ideal for helping young learners trying to stay current and get ahead in these basic skills because it:


·        Has activities that are self-directed by the student – educators and parents do not need to be present as the student works in the program

·        Includes monitoring of student progress so the supervising adults know exactly how the student is progressing

·        Gives students short and targeted tasks – students can end a session and begin again as time allows

·        Is easily accessible at school or home

·        Works on desktops, laptops, and tablets, including Chromebooks, and on whiteboards

·        Complies with State and Common Core educational standards

·        Helps students increase their basic skills as shown in research studies


“We are in an educational crisis in this country,” explains Thomas Webber, chairman of Super Duper Publications. “Many young children’s reading skills were already far behind before the virus struck. Now, countless additional students have lost months of essential learning.  HearBuilder provides an excellent way for parents, teachers and therapists to help students catch up and continue building skills, whether or not their school is doing in-person instruction.”


HearBuilder is used in Preschool and Elementary School, Response to Intervention (RTI), Title 1, English language learner, Head Start, and Homeschool settings. It also supports special education students, including those diagnosed with Autism, Speech & Language Disorders, Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), and Dyslexia and it supports reading enrichment programs.

The program has won numerous awards for excellence from Teacher’s Choice, EdTech Digest, Family Choice, Dr. Toy, Creative Child, Mom’s Choice, AEP, Parent’s Choice, Children’s Technology Review, Tillywig, Tech & Learning, and BESSIE.


Dr. Debee Tanzer of Tamarac Elementary, Florida, states “I have used HearBuilder in my therapy room for two years now. It is perfect to assign to students online. Not only can you monitor progress, it lets you increase and decrease difficulties of the activities within the program. It is best geared for K-3, and can be used by students in older grades who have severe language impairment disabilities or who are developmentally disabled or have more severe ASD characteristics. HearBuilder is easy to set up and has excellent support from the Super Duper tech team.”


For more information, or to try out HearBuilder free for 60-days, go to


About Super Duper Publications

Super Duper Publications creates unique educational products for children ages 3-12, with a special emphasis on students with speech and language delays, developmental/learning disabilities, and autism. It was founded in 1986 by Sharon and Thomas Webber. To date, Super Duper has created more than 1,500 creative, colorful supplemental educational and therapy materials for children, that are available in both print and digital formats. For more information, visit


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