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Block-N-Roll™ Starter Set

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MSRP: $16.50
Age Range: 6 to 12
Launch Date: January 1999
Gender: Boys And Girls

Block N Roll is an imaginative marble maze construction system for kids. With wide and sturdy pieces, Block N Roll can be built into spectacular structures that allow marbles to roar through ramps and tunnels. Block N Roll is also compatible with other major construction blocks such as LEGO and DUPLO. It has won numerous awards, including the Parent´s Choice Award.
— Bill Raymont, husband and lunch companion of the store owner of Toy Crossing in Harbor Beach, Mich., said this product was quite popular at the store.
— Phil Wrzesinski, president of Toy House and Baby Too in Jackson, Mich., said his store has done especially well with marble products in general recently and that Block N Roll was one of the best selling products of this kind.
— Sallie Kashiwa, owner of Timbuk Toys Inc. in Denver, said this marble run is unique in that it is more horizontal than vertical.

Featured in:TDmonthly’s Top-10 Most Wanted Marble Toys (4/1/2006)
TDmonthly's July Recommendations (7/1/2005)

TDmonthly Review:

What is It?
60 pieces of Block-N-Roll—part Lego by TAURUS TOY (ToyDirectory) (the pieces fit with Duplo brand blocks), all marble maze construction—are not enough. My colorful route, consisting of turns, ramps and crossovers, had hardly begun to take over my desk when I considered ordering add-on pieces. Sigh.

What We Thought
Already the winner of many awards—Family Fun Magazine´s “Toy of the Year” Finalist 2000, one of Dr. Toy´s best 100 for 2000 and voted the Best of Construction Blocks by Great American Toy Test—who could say no to Block-N-Roll?

Why They’ll Want It
Future architecture majors of America, or any kid from first grade and up, will enjoy sliding pieces together, building tunnels and ramps and drops for marbles to slide and smash into each other.

--Kris Dukes

ToyDirectory Product ID#: 1420

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